Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 40 year old review of "This Is 40"

T and I went and saw this movie this past weekend.  T had already seen the movie before but she knows me and knows that I love silly humor and that I would die laughing at this movie.  And I did just that.  I think I may have pee'd my pants from laughing a few times.  Don't remember if my jeans were wet from the drink or my pee. I don't know. That's how funny it was.  Just so you know, T enjoyed it just as much the second time as she did the first. I do suggest that you see this movie.

After all of the laughing I thought about how this movie mirrors some parts of our lives.  I do that a lot. Mostly when the movies are about relationships and kids and marriages.  I mean, I am 40. T still has some years to go. But for me. Yes, I am a 40 year old male and I do some of the stuff Paul Rudd's character does in this movie.

This photo above.  Look at it.  Husband in bed with the remote = ME.  Wife reading = T.  Kid jumping all over the bed = Our Kids. 
This part of the movie was so so funny.  He is checking to see if he had hemorrhoids.  He asked his wife to look and see what "IT" was. She was like "HELL NO" but he talked her into it.  As funny and nasty as this looks, I could totally see myself doing this and calling T in and asking her the same question.


The part where Leslie Mann's character gets into it with the boy who was mean to her daughter and his mom....I could totally see T doing that.  I could see T being all sweet and nice and then BAM!!! Tear into some kid who is bullying her kid. Funny. 


So I really encourage you all to see this movie.  You will laugh, think about your own funny marriages and parenthood journeys.  I even asked T as we were leaving..."Think our kids are gonna talk like that as they get older?"  If you have seen then movie, does it relate to you at all?  Do you have the same issues with your kids?

I WILL be buying this on dvd when it comes out.

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