Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh What A Night...

Late December back in 63...ok that is still a kick ass song. But not for today.

I am not one to ever question T about what she is doing with the kids at home and the homeschooling thing.  The kids are way above their grade level in learning and I am impressed by that.  So I am never surprised to get home and hear about some of the great things that the C's are learning.

Yeah.  That brings me to last night.  I get home, we do snack, brush teeth, I go down to the garage and do Diane (CrossFit Wod, not a woman) and then I help get the kids into bed.  Sitting in bed, T starts to share with me a story about how C4 wasn't so nice and hit C3.  C4 hit C3 in her girly area.  I was then told that C3 told T that she was hit in her "GUTS". Oh yeah. I'm serious.  Then I was hit with this.....

C3 informed T that "Girls Have Guts" and "Boys Have Nuts" ?!?!?!?!?!?!

My first response was to look at T and with a 3 year old sitting there in between us I in regular speaking volume asked "What the F***"

"GUTS" ??????

My 6 year old daughter is now thinking that she has "GUTS"????  At least she does know that boys have NUTS!!

Then I'm told that when T tried telling C3 that what she is talking about is called a Vagina......C3's response to that was...."I'M NOT CALLING IT THAT!!!"

Someone help me.  Please.

Oh it got better.  Just as I'm absorbing all of the details given to me C2 runs into the bedroom and declares that the toilet is clogged but not overflowing on the floor.  WRONG!!! I walk into the kids bathroom and its spilling over onto the floor. T says "Thank God You Are Feeling Better Tonight", as I get towels and soak up water and whatever else was mixed in with the massive amounts of toilet paper. 

After doing my best FEMA cleanup impersonation, I then made it my DOODY, ok DUTY to teach the kids about something called the...

Courtesy Flush.  I told the kids what it was and how to perform a proper courtesy flush and asked them to make this must each and every time they use the toilet.  And also to go easy on the use of the toilet paper. I mean a kids ass isn't but so big. Damn.

I did not think that last night would be such an educational night.

Kiss The Baby



Unknown January 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM   Reply to

Thank you for teaching me what a courtesy flush is.

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