Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pointing Out The Positive - Lets Get Twisted

This dude right here, his name is Christopher.  He is married to a wonderful woman and has a son and a daughter.  See this man to the left.....His crazy ass lives in the coldest ass part of the North. Canada.

I have know this friend for several years now.  I can call him a friend and that is a fact.  I have shared several phones calls with this man over the time that I have know him.  We have laughed at each other and our lives and things that happen with our kids and our wives.

Let me tell you a little bit about this Twisted Fellow.  You can see he is a man.  Like I said a father of two and married to a Chiropractor.  What I want to point out first about this friend is that he has been a huge part of keeping me from going insane during my search for a new job.  He has kept me from jumping off that bridge.  Besides T, he is the first to ask me and many others "How is your day?"  He is just an all around nice person.

Funny too.  Being that he is a hard core follower and teacher of the Word Of God, he is always willing to open a ear and listen to the other side of things, even when it comes to stuff in that area. I know I have had questions about stuff before and questioned things and he is there talking to me and listening where some people just say "Its Gods way and that's the way it is!"

I am not the only person that thinks of him as a hero.  All the people who use computers that he fixes on a daily basis think the same.  Most of the day he is running scans, updating systems and getting the bugs of out peoples process servers. T was even having trouble with one of the kids laptops and he was even awesome enough to take control of it and fix it....Yes from Canada!

Christopher is such a positive influence on so many people.  Where I am calling people all day long being a jerk on the phone tricking and finding cars to repo and beat people up for money, he is helping people with problems and making them feel good.  That is what I want to do.  I want to be able to help people and at the end of the day be happy about it.

I have not even mentioned that he is a regular ol Lance Armstrong on the bike. Without the PED's and all.  Riding to work in the snow and rain, riding for miles and miles to prepare for his crazy looking course rides where he has to bike than carry his bike over some stairs and shit...Nuts. But he is hardcore into that biking and I give him credit for it.

Christopher would tell you about the phone calls and voicemails I leave him when I'm talking shit to him, or singing crazy songs in his phone...Or what about the calls when he is making fun of my Southern accent.  Nothing but positive vibes come out of this dude and if you are lucky enough to know him then you are in a special place.

Check him out on Twittah (Thats Ka-Nade-On accent) Twistedxtian or go to his blog The Blog of a Twisted Christian

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Unknown January 17, 2013 at 10:43 PM   Reply to

*blush* Thanks, Scott!

You're a pretty awesome friend.

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