Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pointing Out The Positive.....Our Own Cheesy Twinkie

Quick with the tongue and I'm happily married so I don't mean that in a crazy perverted kind of way (she is a freak though), always jumping at the chance to be run off by her local weatherman and never late to the party to give someone a good ol fashioned Go F**K Yourself this week I am highlighting a favorite of mine and many others..

The one,

Thankfully the only

Christina Majaski.

This single mom never lets her bad side show.  She is always in a good mood and just about 100% of the time a huge smart ass.  That is a good thing.  We all need a little smart ass in our oh so busy, so drama filled lives.  Where so many people (including myself) are negative and lead partial miserable lives, people like Christina are helpful to have.

I am laughing while I am writing this because just a couple weeks ago someone was asking the difference between liners and know for women and Christina and her smartass-isms came up with "Think about the difference between Cheese and a Twinkie".  T and I read this while in bed (no we were not doing it....yet) and we laughed till we almost cried.  And that moment is when T and I decided to give ol Majaski the nickname "Cheesy Twinkie"

I cant imagine how hard it is being a single mom. I'm sure it has its good days and its hard days.  You would never know from her mouth that there are hard or bad days.  Now she is also a legal assistant and from having a father that is a lawyer, I know that can make for some long days.  Christina is always tweeting funny shit.  Daily.  She also has a funny, creative and enjoyable blog.  Christina Majaski's Blog.  Make sure you check it out.

She blogs about crazy stuff. (Like Me) Her adventures in I mean her adventure in Dating Land.  Getting gifts from first dates??????  There is plenty more, trust me.

Pointing Out The Positive in Christina is not a hard thing to do.  Just like most of the people I follow on twitter, she is always ready for some shit talking, pot stirring and she will always tell you where you can go.  Even though there is only one of her, I am glad she is on my team.  The Smarter Team!

Check her out on Twitter at @cmajaski or any number of dating sites....Except Christian Mingles.  They wouldn't have her sinning ass.  And she is the last person on Myspace.

Kiss The Baby



Christina January 24, 2013 at 6:32 PM   Reply to

Thank you to you and your super hot wife. #GoTeamSmarter

Unknown January 26, 2013 at 12:57 PM   Reply to

Do fans of Christina get to be honorary members of #TeamSmarter ? I ask because I don't think I have any other way of joining that prestigious group of intellects.

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