Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 CrossFit Coaching Crushes

I'm not going to get into how I cannot afford to join a box.  I'm not going to talk about how my schedule doesn't really line up with those of the boxes that are in my area....

I have beaten that drum harder than Tommy Lee and no I'm not talking about the Pamela Anderson drum....

What I am going to do today since I love Crossfit, I love the idea of being coached and I love the idea of learning something new daily, I am going to highlight some of my favorite members and Coaches that are in the CrossFit Community.  I am going to give you all my TOP 10 CrossFit Coaching Crushes.  This is MY TOP 10 list of people that I would love to kick my ass in the box.  These are the people that I would love to have teach me and make me Better, Stronger, Faster and Smarter.

The list below comes from people I stalk follow on various avenues of social media or that I have met in person and had the pleasure of working with at one point and time.  I learn something new on a daily basis from these people. These people are part of the reason I love CrossFit and I stay on that path to find success in CrossFit.  When I am at home in my garage I have visions of video clips, I have visions of words that I have read and imprints in my mind of tips and cues that all of these people have put out there into the world for everyone to see and learn from.

TOP 10 List starts in 3...2...1...

10. Rich Froning - CrossFit Mayhem  - The Two Time CrossFit Games Champion.  Is there anything that a person couldn't learn from him?  I doubt it!  I would love to be coached by him for the simple reason that he never seems to be satisfied in his training.  If a Two Time Champion is never satisfied in his own training, think about how he would push others to be better.  I will be buying his book when it is released.

9. Spencer Hendel - Reebok Crossfit One - From watching Reebok Crossfit videos I found Spencer and started watching his powerlifting and Olympic lifting techniques. Doing WOD's by myself in the garage its hard to learn how to do a lot of the lifts without hurting myself.  His videos have helped me by breaking down the movements.

8. Matt Chan - Crossfit Verve, CO. - I follow this awesome specimen of man on Twitter.  Coming in second in the 2012 CrossFit Games and in my opinion looking like a mix of Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg got my attention.  Watching his YouTube videos covering Knees To Elbows and Box Jumps are a must if I am including those in a WOD when I get home.

7. Jon Gilson - Again Faster Equipment - What do you get when you have a website that offers you the best in CrossFit equipment and also has training videos? You get Jon (CEO) and his website that gives you everything in one package. Having him train me....Yeah. Who wouldn't work harder for a person that runs a company called *AGAIN FASTER*

6. Shana Alverson - CrossFit East Decatur, GA. - Another one that I have followed on Twitter and the website is a regular stop for me.  Shana the Blue Haired Unicorn has such a great story.  To be coached by her would be awesome.  From reading and studying I think being coached by Shana would either make me a fierce competitor or I would be walking home all the way to West Ga.

5. Mike and Bethanie Giardina - CrossFit Atlanta, GA. - This husband wife team is awesome.  I first met them at the CrossFit Level 1 Course in Atlanta and they both are above and beyond awesome.  The way people listened to Mike and focused on him had me wanting to do what he does.  And Bethanie had that soft delivery that would fool you cause she could also jump start a battery with her training cues.  I have emailed them since the course and always offer great advice.

4. Andrew Walker - Crossfit Lodi - Since the first time I posted a video on twitter of me doing a WOD and Andrew weighed in on how to fix some mistakes he has been someone I look to for CrossFit advice and instruction.  He is always tweeting about his PR's and calling people out for having excuses.  I think I am a walking excuse, so that would end under his eye.

3. Dawn Fletcher - Fletcher Fitness / Mentality WOD - Ok.  I read Dawns stuff just about daily and if I miss it, I go back and catch up.  Having Dawn as a Coach makes me think of being in the Marines.  I think she would totally break you down mentally and then build you back up with nothing but positive influence and then when you think you are getting there....She breaks you again to start over making you that much tougher.  I think I would have nightmares about Dawn being in my head all the time.  That's kick ass.

2. James Hobart - Reebok CrossFit One - James was a speaker and instructor at my Level 1 Course.  As soon as this dude spoke I was into it.  I have not heard a ton of people speak in person about CrossFit but damn, James has a passion that roped me in.  I could listen to him all day every day.  It would be a dream to be coached by him.

1. Nikki Isbell - CrossFit Cedar Park, TX. - When I first looked up CrossFit years ago, I came across their site and saw a write up by Nikki.  I left a comment and got some great advice.  Years later I came across her again and it all clicked.  Nikki has been the most helpful with all kinds of learning cues in my journey in CrossFit.  She has taken the time to send me personal emails and helpful words that have made it easier to fall in love with CrossFit.  When we go see my parents in Tx, I always wish Cedar Park wasn't two hours away so I could get the chance to train with Nikki.

So there you are.  My TOP 10 and the reasons they are on my list of CrossFit Coaching Crushes.  Follow them, learn from them.  If I can learn from them you can too.  If you are lucky enough to be able to work with them, well I am jealous.

Kiss The Baby


Bryan February 15, 2013 at 8:39 AM   Reply to

Looks like a pretty good list. I would suggest one more for you and that would be Derrick Robinson at he is a friend and sometime training partner of Rich's and a best in strength.

Unknown April 24, 2014 at 7:31 AM   Reply to

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