Monday, February 4, 2013

Breastfeeding. The Last One Standing

C4. He is three.

He will be four in June.

Although I am in no hurry to have it end, I am by no means ready for this phase of our lives to be over, I feel like his time of breastfeeding is coming to an end.

I remember when he used to breastfeed all the time. Like all of our kids that have breastfed, they were able to eat whenever they wanted.  No place or time was off limits for our C's to get some of that Ninny Juice.

Damn.  There will come a day when he just wont want it anymore that is going to be a sad day.  I'm not even the one that breastfeeds him and I will be sad.  I have grown with T over the years along the journey. 

This happy boy used to play to hard, take a break to get some Boob and then go back to playing hard.  Now he plays hard, gets some water, juice and maybe some Ninny.  I can remember when all he did was run, get sweaty and then hustle over to T and get some breast milk.

How can it be that I am going to miss this.  I don't have that bond with him like she does.  I didn't do this since birth.  I didn't do this every morning and every night.  I didn't do this when he would hurt himself and need to be soothed.  I didn't give him the best possible source of nutrition that a baby can get.


But what I have done over the 3 plus years is be there to witness almost every moment that happened with C4 and T. 

What a ride it has been and if this awesome, wonderful experience comes to an end anytime in the future....

I will look at T and look at the 4 C's and I will thank T for being the best Mommy to the kids.  I will hold her and kiss her and tell her that even though it may be over the long lasting effects and memories will live on forever.

To my wonderful wife T,

You have done so many wonderful things in the 9 years of being a Mommy and you have given so much of yourself and educating myself and the kids about the great things that comes with breastfeeding is just one of them.

Love you so much.


Kiss The Baby



James and Jax blog February 6, 2013 at 8:02 AM   Reply to

I just LOVE how supportive you are of breastfeeding, and how involved. Every time you blog about it, I want to share your post with the world! :)

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