Friday, February 15, 2013

Garage Games One - CrossFit

I work a lot. Not as much as I used to but its still a lot.

My time with T and the C's is precious and valuable.  I love it.  Some people like to have time to I like being with my Core. (Core = T + 4 C's)

There are very few times when I like to get out and go do something.  Now if T and the C's would have wanted to go to this with me then that would have been even better, but the level of interest T has in this kind of stuff is closer to the bottom side of Zero than the upper side of Zero. And that's ok. I'm fine with it. Shes fine with it.

I'm talking about CrossFit.  I'm talking about going to a CrossFit Competition this weekend.

The Garage Games One  - In Suwanee. All weekend.  Now I am only going on Saturday to watch some of the very people I envy when it comes to the fitness, sport and love of CrossFit.  Some of the people that are going to be there are people I have met before.  For instance, Leah Polaski and Rob Miller of CrossFit Atlanta will be there.  Leah was at the Level One Seminar I went to and I got to watch Rob do a wod during lunch one day that weekend as well. They both kick ass. 

Noah Galloway - Of CrossFit RiverChase is going to be there. For me to talk about his story..shit, I can do it no justice..Click his name and read it for yourself. Yeah....He's a little bad ass. Just a little. Ok, a lot!

Also competing out of Crossfit Paragon  this weekend will be my twitter friend and Awesome CrossFit Athlete Glissel Soliz .  She is no stranger to busting out some wod's and leaving others in her dust.  I know this how you ask?  Following her on twitter and all I see her tweeting is PR's...All Day Every Day. I will be cheering for her for two reasons...She is local and she is a fellow Falcons fan.

I am also stoked to see all the equipment that will be there courtesy of Triton . Being that I have never belonged to a box and I am working out of my garage, I cant wait to see all of the beautiful equipment.

Barbell Shrugged is a favorite of mine. I love watching the episodes.  Its hard for me to watch them on time but I usually catch up after the boss leaves. Also Mike Bledsoe will be there speaking and I'm loving that. And I think Shana Alverson of CrossFit East Decatur said she would give me an autograph if the line isn't too long.  (Note to self, take front of line distraction methods with me.)

I'm looking so forward to going to my first CrossFit Competition.  I have a feeling that I am going to be even more addicted to CrossFit than I already am.  I think that after I get home Saturday night I am going to be hitting the garage for a wod.

See ya there.

I will be wearing my Red Occupy The Box Shirt showing off for The Wod Godso if you see me and want to say HI, ask me questions, offer advice to me...I'm always ready to learn.

Note - This isn't me. My arms are not that big and I

Kiss The Baby



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