Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How Bad Do I Want It !

I have two bum shoulders.  I have had surgery on both of them. Reconstructive surgery on both.  Years ago, many years ago.  I still have terrible pain in one or both of them from time to time and feel limited on what I can do when doing my CrossFit wods.  For some reason pullups seem to be the worst. That feeling of my arm and shoulder separating from my body freaks me out and scares the shit out of me.

Push Press. Dead Lifts. Box Jumps. PushUps. Burpees. SitUps. I can go on and on and on with other movements and wods that I can do. But I continue to let the little things I CANT do bother me and mess with my mind. 

Excuses come easy for me. Always have. In every place and every spot in my life I have always had someone to bail me out.  So I make and excuse, throw me a little pity party and go on with my day.  Same for my wods.  I cant afford to join a box, so I stayed at my globo gym and did the wods there with the equipment I had.  Bought my own stuff for my garage so I could do wods there and I use the excuse that my shoulder is hurting.  Cry myself a f-ing river.

One would think I could practice what I preach.  I always tell the kids.."No Excuses", "No Quitting", "Finish What You Started"...but here I am in my own little CrossFit world not following those same words.  I should know by the hundreds of people I follow and learn from and talk to about CrossFit that I would know better than to let something screw with my head. I mean all day, all I do is read CrossFit, study CrossFit, talk CrossFit.  Other than my wife, kids, and family I love this shit.  It's part of my health, lifestyle and what I do on a daily basis.

Should I let the simple fact that I don't have all the proper equipment at home stop me. NO!!  I have found all kinds of Garage Wods and Paige (GasFamily) is always giving me good ones too.  One of the best things I love about CrossFit is the Programming. So I have learned about that so much and I can create my own Wods using what I do have at home.


Think this guy uses an excuse?

HELL NO!!!  This dude kicked ass this past weekend at the Garage Games.

My excuse that I wasn't there this weekend competing was that I didn't know how awesome it would be to actually compete. Well screw that.  I want to compete. I want to be on that floor in my wod gear actually sweating and not carrying around a f-ing camera and a cooler bag with my lunch.  I want to be able to have my wife and kids there yelling at me to get up, get another rep, keep going, and then I want to be that guy yelling and cheering on my other competitors....


Thanks to my wife for busting my balls nightly.

Thanks to everyone in the CrossFit Community that I chat with and follow for being insightful, opinionated and awesome enough to spread your knowledge and wisdom.

I'm going to surprise your ass one day


Kiss The Baby



Unknown February 20, 2013 at 11:56 AM   Reply to

I look forward to being surprised.

I have also been struggling with motivation and creating any excuse under the sun to not get up long before the sun and plant my ass on my bike on the trainer. Like you, I need to find ways to motivate myself.

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