Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pee Pee - In The Potty ?

Damn boy.  Well really I should say DAMN BOYS!  And here I thought having a son would be easier than having a daughter.  WRONG!! 

Even after three sons, three attempts, three times the process of trying to show them and or teach them how to do this...

...They cant get it right.



C4 - DAMN IT (But better than his brothers)

Might as well leave the toilet like this.  Not like they
lift both the lid and seat anyways. And even when
they do, they cant even hit the water.

I fell like this would be better.  Shit, its like they pee all
over the floor anyways.

I'm about at the point where getting one of these
probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Put it outside
and have it picked up every weekend.

This is what T and I are usually doing...
But NO MORE.  I am going to have the boys cleaning
up the bathrooms every damn day if I have to.

Its like the kids bathroom is one of those public restrooms where pee is all over the place.  A roadside gas station where the flys are dead inside from the smell of urine.  I forgot to ask T if our floors were painted yellow. And don't get me started on toilet paper....Half the roll to wipe a tiny little ass.

"Make em sit down" they say.  Tried it.  That space between the base and the seat.....Yeah amazing how much pee can get through there. 

Does it ever get better?  I mean it has to. I don't pee all over the place. Now I know a ton of guys that do. Hell I work with guys that still don't lift the seat and pee all over the floor.

I guess instead of reading about CrossFit everyday I should be reading on how to get my boys to pee INSIDE THE TOILET.

Kiss The Baby



Penny March 26, 2013 at 3:03 PM   Reply to

hahaha. I only have one boy and I feel your pain. Matthew is 9 and still misses on occasion.

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