Friday, February 8, 2013

Pillow Talk...Laughing In The Bedroom

Isn't it a awesome thing when a husband and wife can share special moment in bed!  I'm not talking about making love either.  And isn't it so much fun when a husband and wife can laugh while in bed and again I'm not talking about making love.  I mean I love it when T can laugh in bed and she isn't laughing at my ummm you know..skills.

Here's the deal.  The other night the subject of movies came up.  I cant even remember how it came up but it did.  And some movie title were thrown out there and it led T to say "I love that movie!", then another title got mentioned and again T with joy in her voice said "I love that movie too!"  At this point I am laughing at her and telling her how much those movies suck.  Then she goes on to tell me two more movies that she loves and I continue to laugh at her.

While I am laughing at her in bed about the movies that she she is saying this to me....

1) Shut up
2) If I wake C4 up I am getting a knee to the nuts AGAIN

So lets go over her movies that she loves....

Ahhhh. The Classic Pretty Woman. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. I hear every woman loves this movie. Ok and????  How often does this really happen?  How often do guys find hookers on the street and turn them into marriage material...So what was the sequel to this movie Erin Brockovich. Sounds about right. She is a street walker in 1990 and ten years later in 2000 she becomes a legal clerk activist.

So next in line is Dirty Dancing. Now I know this is a favorite of every woman too. Young clumsy girl goes off to summer camp and learns how to dance dirty with the stud.  So when this movie came up all I could really do is jump out of bed, grab my CrossFit LONG Pvc pipe and start thrusting on it for T in the dark. She was laughing at me during this.  I threatened her with a close up of my pelvic thrusting to which she offered the knee to the nuts.

Ok. So this one I cant have anything to do with. Ghost.  I cant stand this movie. For one, its not even close to being real. You cant talk to dead people. And who in the hell gets half naked and plays with mud while molding it. If T is half naked doing anything, the last thing I want to do is play with clay.  Besides what a mess. I had to give T the soft whispers of "Molly" when we talked about this one. And then while laying in the dark I had to start belting out "Unchained Melody" ...This is when I was told "If you wake up C4"..But damn, I nailed that song.

Last but not least..The only movie out of these four that I can stand to watch...Titanic!  My first issue is that this movie is like 12 hours long.  But I do like Leonardo and Kate Winslet is hot.  But the one reason I had trouble with this movie is that damn Celine Dion and her annoying ass song.  Although I did happen to sing this song too when T was showing her love for this movie.  And that damn Christopher had to side with her and tell her he CRIED!!! 

So here we are.  I laughed till I cried while talking to T about her movies.  Threats from her did no good.  I sang to her, danced for her and even though it was dark in our bedroom....I could tell she was giving me the "I want you" eyes.  Her lovey dovey movies cant touch my comedy movies. 

What do you think?  What are some of your favorite movies? You can also go to Five Crooked Halos - My Little Life  and answer her 5 Question Friday.

Christopher...Anytime you want to come over and watch movies with T and cry....I will pop the popcorn and sit and laugh at both of you...

Kiss The Baby



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