Monday, February 25, 2013

Ryan Moody - The Box Jumper And His Young Jumpers

A short time ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away there was a man, a man that so many knew and a man that is an icon in his sport.

This man had people he had not reached yet.  There were people who had not opened their eyes and seen what he could do.  There were people who didn't believe it was possible.

People believed that a man like this only lived in comics.  A Super Hero.  That one man who could leap tall boxes with a single jump.  That one man who could stack boxes higher and higher and keep jumping onto those boxes.

Some kids and adults have only heard the tales of this man.  Those who have not witnessed his great jumping ability have searched far and wide to be able to catch a glimpse of the one Super Hero that can fly through the air only to land on top of such items like tires and boxes.

Now me being the investigative blogger that I am found footage of this man. (Wasn't that hard really, just searched YouTube)

This man.  This Super Hero.
He has a name.
His name is

Viewer Discretion is Advised
(These Videos are Rated BA for BADASS)

So there you have it.
Ryan Moody
AKA - TheBoxJumper 
Box Jumping World Record Holder, CrossFitter, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Athlete, BOXWEAR Apparel Owner, and one pretty chill dude.

But....What Mr. Moody doesn't know is that there is a new crop of Jumpers that are coming for him.  Coming for his World Record Titles.

I like to Call these Jumpers the

C Jumpers

C1 - 9 years old.
Starting with 15 inch Box Jumps

C3 - 6 years old.
She is at 16 inches on a Jump

C4 - 3 years old.
He hit a 15 inch Jump

Now C2 was not prepared in time to perform his Jump but he is already talking trash about beating his brother and sister.
Stay tuned for his.

*No Children or Dads were harmed while making these records*

In all seriousness Ryan Moody aka The Box Jumper is a hell of a great guy. Very down to Earth and such a hard worker.  He loves using his skill and talents to help others and make others excel at the craft that he loves doing.  As such a great young man he does a fine job at representing the brands that he supports and promotes. Personally I was upset when he was here in the Atlanta area last weekend for the Garage Games and I didn't get to meet him in person.  Since I have fallen in love with CrossFit I have found that so many of the athletes are so personable and always there to talk and spread the knowledge and help make people better and what they want to do.  Ryan is no different.  Well except the fact that he can jump higher than the your house.  Last week while watching probably ten plus videos of Ryan, C4 kept asking me after every video "Can Daddy Jump That High?", I had to laugh and say NO. Next video, "Daddy, Can you jump that high?" Sorry son, No.  Then finally after he asked AGAIN, I turned the videos

It has been a pleasure getting to chat with Ryan on the social media forums and I have loved learning more about him too.

But Ryan beware!  Just cause my 40 year old ass cant jump for shit anymore, I have THE 4 C's that I am training to come after you.

To check out more about Ryan Moody The Box Jumper go to The XWOD.

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