Friday, February 1, 2013

She Is Not A Fan Of ________________

Last night T and I were watching a little bit of TMZ. Why, I really don't know but it was on and they were getting ready to talk about "____________"

That's when I asked T, "Hey do you know who ______________ is?"  Her reply was NO!  That is when I started to explain who he was and what he did.

This started a so so funny conversation that was making me laugh and making T sick to her stomach.

The person we were talking about is in the movie business.  Has been for a LONG time.  Not a great looking fellow but he has always been known as a ladies man.  As soon as I said the word LADIES to T she about lost it.  "That guys is nasty"  "Are you kidding me" were a few of the comments that came out of T's mouth.....Then I got hit with this question

"HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO HE IS?  Lol.  My delayed response was........

"I have read about him honey....In the bible.. Yeah." And I told her the truth too, "I don't think I have ever even see one of his movies" ( I really don't think I ever have)

TMZ also talk about his attributes.  That didn't impress her at all.  She was still hung up on the fact that I was calling these women

Well, this 10-15 minute conversation was enough to make her turn her head and want to throw up.  I don't think she wants to see any of his movies anytime soon.  Probably Never.

Ron Jeremy...My wife is not a fan of yours.

Kiss The Baby



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