Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spread The Knowledge

One of the reasons I love being on twitter is that I get the chance to come across and interact with other people that have such great influence on others.  It may be other dads, moms, or even those that have no kids.  Getting other opinions and learning about the different way other families do things is key in how we raise our own children.  I may take what you do and use it or implement it in some way shape or form.  I also hope that other parents can look at how T and I do things and try it and see if it works for them. 

Being a parent is about educating yourself and arming yourself with the best ammo that you can have at your disposal.  When it comes to parenting that ammo is KNOWLEDGE.

So this morning I was on twitter chatting with Jessica Kim.  A mother of three. She is the Founder of Babbaco. She is also a Contributor to a NEW show on HLN Raising America with Kyra Phillips. The show comes on at Noon so I set it up on the dvr and T and I watch it in the evening.  "A News Show that looks at News the way PARENTS do".  Now we all know that all parents are not the same, so some of the show may hit a home run for you and some of you may want to watch Honey Boo Boo..

Talking with Jessica, (in brief) we discussed how dads are viewed by the media these days and that was brought up by the Doritos Super Bowl commercial. ( I will blog about this in the coming week). I also brought up how I think dads take a back seat to moms when it comes to discussing the world of gentle parenting.  I like to think of myself as a gentle parent and I believe more are out there.  And we chatted about "Picky Eaters" and whether some parents use that as an excuse to let the kids eat whatever they want, which can lead to the problems we have with Childhood Obesity and lack of fitness for our children.  And I wouldn't feel right if I didn't let it be known that I am a huge advocate for Nursing In Public for Breastfeeding Moms, Homeschooling and AP Parenting too.

I could be that dad that sticks to things like the MAJORITY of men do...Sports, Working Out, CrossFit, Women, Alcohol, Cars...etc.

Like I have said before, I want to be THAT dad who spreads a great word about things that some dads wont discuss.  I want to be THAT dad who makes it OK for other dads to have and show that softer side. 

I will always blog about being that goofy daddy who gets pee'd on while co-sleeping and I will always be that husband that blogs about the crazy funny conversations that happen in the bed with T, and I am going to be THAT man that makes a difference in how you live your life as a husband and a father.

Always find time to learn something new.

Kiss The Baby



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