Wednesday, February 13, 2013

T and The 4 C's Valentines Day Dinner 2013

So a few years ago T had a great idea to have a huge awesome Valentines Day Dinner Celebration.  Now a lot of people may be thinking "ohhh a wife wants some quality time with her man"..NOPE.  Her idea was better.

She included the C's.  On the weekend closest to Valentines Day we have a nice fancy dinner where we well I should say T cooks a great feast. The nice wine glasses come out, the newest plates and we eat dinner at the dining room table with candles and all the trimmings.....

...Well for the past TWO years I have been sick.  Like passed out in bed sick, so I have not been available for the dinner.  But this past weekend, I was in good shape.

Now I always suck ass at taking photos and when they are on my phone they are worse..

So here are some of them that came out (and they are still bad)

So. Excuse the mess behind the table. That is my shit. 

Now before anyone says "awwwe so sweet" This is a T thing. All her idea.  The C's help with the menu. I do, ummmm, that thing where....ummmmm, set the table..

We had shrimp, crab cakes, lobster tails, veggies, bread, and then shortcakes and chocolates.

The C's love this.  Their Valentines Day Dinner.

Kiss The Baby



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