Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Bachelor - A Boy, A CrazyBrow and Two Hotties

Im going to be honest and say it right off the top that I think Sean is a goofball. I mean yeah he is good looking and fit and has muscles....if you are into that kind of thing.  But some of the stuff he says and does on the show is ummmm lets just say "GOOFY"

So how come no one on The Bachelor ever gets sick.  I mean all they do is live in the same house together.  They all sit and snuggle up next to each other and to top it all off they travel and go from climate to climate.  Oh yeah and they all suck face with Sean.  All of them. Even the girls he sends home he kisses them.  But NOT A SINGLE ONE gets sick.

Ok. Who had the bright idea to come up with some of the dates for this season?  Lets take girls who don't like each other and are fighting for love, mix alcohol and roller derby?  Oh yeah, then toss in a girl who lies and says she has done this before and gets to running her mouth....SMASH..Chin on the floor.  She would have been better off having her chin on his ....oh wait. This is a PG blog. (Most of the time)

Next. Ohhh how sweet it would be to get in a bathing suit in frigid ass Alaska and join the Polar Bear Club. And how about you take a handful of skinny ass females and lets them do it too.  Don't worry only one will get Hypothermia.......or will she. Was she faking it? Hmmmm.

So, to the right we have Tierra. WOW! Wouldn't have known it just by looking at her but damn she is a NUTJOB! Besides her faking EVERYTHING, she has that crazy eyebrow. Now T tells me to leave her alone and don't make fun of her but that thing stands taller than the Washington Monument on her face. Oh yeah, did you hear about the time she cried....ALL THE TIME. Thank goodness she had her ass and her eyebrow sent home last night.  I am kind of pissed...Her Brow has more twitter followers than I do. T thinks Tierra is pretty...I say HELL NO!



Above are my two favorites from this season. Catherine who looks like a little Hawaiian Princess and Desiree looks like Katie Holmes.  Both SEEM like wonderful girls.  But a lot of them do.  One has a father who is never around has a drug problem and the other grew up in tents. 

So if Sean picks one of these two, Im ok with that. I know he values my opinion.  T and I at least agree that we both like these two. Both are fun and have a sense of being grown up. Unlike the wackjob that is up top. (Tierra)

With the hometown dates set this is where we see whats up and who is stable or not.

Kiss The Baby



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