Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Before and After.....A short story of the boy and his braces

So as C1 got older his two front teeth became somewhat of a issue.  For obvious reasons we needed to have something done about them.  The way they looked was an issue but more than that they way they stuck out was a bigger issue.  We wanted to be safe.  If something happened and he took a face shot to the ground, more than likely he would stand a chance of his two front teeth being busted and that would not have been good.

Here he is younger and you can see his teeth pretty good here.

Even getting older he still had the same spacing problem with the two front teeth.

After getting the braces on its was so crazy how fast his 
teeth started coming together and pulling back. I mean it
was like days before the teeth were in line with the others and 
the two front teeth were pulled together.

Then after just about a year and a half, after choosing the color of
his bands, after visits and getting them tightened, after having them on
daily and NEVER fussing about them...

I mean, most kids fuss about a lot of things.  I know me as an adult I would have
fussed and cried about having braces on.  C1, he never did this at all. He was awesome.

The braces that he had worn and gotten used to.

The braces that had made him miss out on his favorite snack.

Those braces were now coming off.

He was so excited about having them removed.  He was counting down the days, hours and 
minutes until he could go back to the Orthodontics office and have them taken off.

What was he most excited about?

His favorite snack POPCORN could be back on his snack list.

Now. Look at those beautiful teeth.

He was so happy. He was all smiles that day. 

He had popcorn.  He is back to eating apples which he loves.

Now he just wears his retainer and he is all good with that. 

I think my only issue is that now my 9 year old, looks older.


I am so proud of you and the way you handled yourself during the time you had to have your braces on.  You acted like such an older boy and accepted the responsibility of taking care of them. 

Love Daddy

Kiss The Baby



Tracy March 27, 2013 at 10:05 AM   Reply to

It's about time I see a blog post about the kids and not CROSSFIT!


Penny March 27, 2013 at 12:14 PM   Reply to

Awww. Gillian possibly needs braces on the bottom... her teeth are too close together I guess...

What a handsome boy!!!

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