Monday, March 4, 2013

Behind The Mask...The Man In Black

I'm sure T isn't the only woman who loves her some Channing Tatum.

I bet T isn't the only woman that had no desire to watch the movie GI Joe - The Rise Of Cobra.

But, I did some searching Friday night and found out that this movie was going to be on Saturday night.  Perfect timing for us to sit and watch it.  I love GI Joe.  Always have. I told T this so I talked her into watching the movie with me. How I did this?  Told her it had Channing Tatum in it.


During the movie, I explain to her how Snake Eyes is my favorite character.  The silent Ninja dressed in black.

Snake Eyes is a bad ass.

Well in the movie they go back in time and give the history of how he came to be who he is.  They showed this little boy 

The young boy who grew up to be the Ninja dressed in black....Snake Eyes.

Well, it wasn't really T's kind of movie.  Her favorite character OF COURSE was DUKE played by Channing Tatum.  Surprise.

But as the movie ended, she did have a question.  Her only question. 

"What does Snake Eyes look like?"

That is all she wanted to know.  "He was a cute little boy, I want to know what he looks like"

Yeah!  After a kick ass action movie she doesn't want to know about the new GI Joe movie, she doesn't want to know about any of the other characters.....

Just "What does Snake Eyes look like?"

Kiss The Baby



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