Friday, March 8, 2013

THIS is the 13.1 CrossFit Games Open 2013

Over 100, 000 people signed up for THIS!

Way more than anyone can count know what THIS is!

Being that I am a CrossFit nerd, I feel I need to inform some of you that don't know what THIS is?

THIS  is the


is the


is the

For those of you that have no clue...CrossFit is Forging Elite Fitness. CrossFit is THE BEST way to get a mental, physical workout. Called a WOD. (WorkOut of the Day)  No other form of fitness stands up to CrossFit. Taking Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Monostructure (cardio) and bringing them all together.

The 2013 CrossFit Games bring the best out of you. Anyone that signs up for the Games knows that after they are finished with a WOD, they would have left it all out on that mat.

The Open is where the Games begin, but not where the Games start.  The Games for some begin as soon as they finish a knockout Round.  For some athletes as soon as they find out they are not advancing they are back in the box (CrossFit Gym) training.

I have been asked "What is 13.1?"  Well the 13 is for 2013 and the .1 is for the first WOD.  The next will be 13.2 and so on until 13.5, then its time for some to move on and time for others to stay focused on what they want to accomplish.

So lets not waste anymore time.

Here are two videos about the 13.1 from one bad ass woman

Julie Foucher

The first is the Movements Standards. Breaking down the 13.1 and explaining to you exactly what will and will not work.

 ( I have watched this thing countless times and I still cant get my damn Snatch right)

The next is the actual 13.1 WOD
Julie is knocking this thing out!

All I could say after watching her do the 13.1


I hope this explains it all for you.

Kiss The Baby



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