Monday, April 29, 2013

The End of an Era

All good things must come to an end.

And the days of being a U6 Soccer Player are over for C3.  Yes the team she has been on for the last few seasons is breaking up.  Not by choice, but kids get older and coaches move on and kids move up to U8.  C3 has played with the sames boys and girls for multiple seasons now.

But after her U6 Jamboree Tournament this weekend that is over.  This past weekend her team, the Pirates had two games.  One at 12 and that last at 2pm.  The game at 12 was against the team that handed them the only loss of the season.  A loss by one goal.

So what a game the first game was.  Our Pirates were up by a couple goals and looked like we would avenge the loss. But damn it...the kid on the other team who was so good, scored twice to put them on top by one again and then it was up to us to bring it back to a tie.  Yes, the Pirates played the only team that beat them all year to a TIE.  Well it was a great game.  First game was in blue.  And it was a hard fought game.

Then it was time for some team pic's.....I mean how hard can it be to get a group of U6 soccer players together after lunch in between games for some team pic's?

See. It started out nice. 

Then it started falling apart....just a little

Then a lot....

And a lot

So here is our power player.  She plays everywhere.  Never runs out of energy and is always getting in the mix with players from the other team. I So we switched to the white uni's for game two.  


Waiting some more.....

And still waiting........

It's GO TIME....

Then it's GOAL TIME.....

Another great season.  
C3 always played hard. Offense, Defense
and even Goalie.

And always had a smile on her face.

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making a Med Ball for your Home Wod's

Love CrossFit like I do?

Don't have a money tree in the backyard either?

You and I are alike and we have so many many more like us out there just waiting for some tips and instructions on how to save a penny and still have great CrossFit equipment and do kick ass wods at home.

Several months ago one of my favorite people Scott Isbell who has a wife that is one of my favorite people Nikki (who just accepted her invite to Regionals) told me about making and finding stuff for doing home wods.  The time had come for me to decide to

A. Renew my gym membership and do wods where NO ONE knew anything about CrossFit and there was              no CrossFit equipment


B. Buy my own stuff and also make my own stuff and set up a CrossFit Garage Box at home

I went with B.

Anyways, Scott was telling me about how he made his own Med Ball.  Med Balls or Wall Balls can be used for a number of things.  We all know what they are. If not, ask someone. lol

So taking Scott's advice I made my own Med Ball.

And here is how I did it..........

First, find a ball.  This shouldn't be that hard.  Me I took an old
basketball (since I have tons). Sorry David Stern, but CrossFit
needs your balls. lol

The next step was the hardest.  Pulling the rubber inflation plug out and
then drilling, cutting, sawing the hole big enough for you to fit the funnel in.
Depending on the size of your funnel this will be easy to hard.

Next, take your funnel and shove that bastard in there. As far as you can.
Look, it may take some time, may take a few tries but proper insertion of funnel
into ball is a must.

Sand.  Well if you are not lucky enough to live on the may have to 
visit your local Home Depot, Lowe's or supply store and dish out $3 for a bag.
This bag was 50lbs. 

Then you start adding sand in the funnel and watch if slowly go into the ball.  Repeat this step
for about one half hour and then you will be ready to check the weight of your Med Ball.

I needed my first Med Ball to weigh in at 20lbs.  Once I had it at the 
correct weight I plugged the hole with some liquid nails, some silicone, and then 
a patch.  Plus I added some duct tape over it in a few different directions to 
make sure everything was sealed good.

So there ya have it.  Ready for Wall Balls, Med Ball Cleans, and sit ups and anything else we can do with it. The kids have even had fun lifting it and rolling it down the driveway.

Total cost....Free Ball. Already purchased tape and sealant, $3 for sand. 

Do the math.

Wod On.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water Product Review

Recently I have become connected with a person that not only is a very kind and gentle soul, but a mom, a CrossFitter and also a force in the market of pushing out Coconut Water. Michele happens to represent and distribute Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water in Texas and Florida.

Now Michele does a number of things but spreading the love and Amy and Brian Coconut Water out is just one of them.  When in Florida she loves to spend her time at the beach and also at the CrossFit Box.  What better place to get and stay healthy and drinking Coconut Water is a great way to help  that as well.

Now I have been a fan of Coconut Water for some time now.  I drink it at home, I drink it at work and I love to chug a can after I finish a CrossFit Wod.  Michele was so awesome enough to send me some of the Amy and Brian brand and I have to be honest with you when I tell you that I LOVED IT!!!  Michele sent me three different kinds. One was a regular little can and it was perfect for a quick slam.  The others were larger cans and they had a lime flavored and also one with pulp.  I loved them all.  I really liked the one with pulp because of the little chunks of coconut. They were best when ice cold.
Nutritional Information

Another thing that makes the Amy and Brian brand of Coconut Water so good is the person I deal with.  When you receive a product like I did or even more so when you buy a product you want do business with someone that cares about what they do and that is Michele.  

How can you not love this?!

Like I said, I was a fan of coconut water before trying the Amy and Brian All Natural Water brand and since slamming all of the cans that Michele sent me, I love it even more.  I think after the CrossFit Games 13.2 Wod I popped the top and hammered two cans.  Drinking water is a MUST.  Staying hydrated is a MUST. If you are going to do what you MUST then you might as well add a little kick to your hydration with some Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water.

Get ya some.  Get ya some right now.

You can find Michele and learn more about the Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water Brand at the sites below. 

Thanks Michele for hooking me up with a great product that I truthfully loved.  



Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Better Than You! Be Better Than Me!

I'm a dick. I know this. I claim to be better than you and I will not shy away from that.  Call it confidence in what I'm doing, call it a gut feeling that I do feel that strongly in what I'm doing is better than what you are doing.  Even though she doesn't have a big mouth like me and doesn't talk shit like I do, I know that my teammate and partner in crime is even smarter than me and that makes us great leaders for our 4 C's.

While I say that....You know what?!  I hope while you are reading this, you are also saying the exact same thing.  I want you to say you are a better parent.  I want you to say you are doing a better job.  I want you to say that you are making better decisions.

That right there means you are trying as hard as I am at being the best parents that we both can be.

I'm saying that I'm smarter for homeschooling.  I'm saying that we are better because she breastfed all of our kids.  I'm saying that we are better for not leaving our kids in a daycare.  For not shipping them off to our parents house every Friday night just so we can have some alone time.

You say you are better because you do it differently. I love that.

You be you and I will be me.

I will always be an asshole. I don't care.  I love my wife. I love my kids and I love my families.  I even love some of my friends. If I love you, you know who you are because I show, tell and share that with you.

I didn't get married or have kids to go at and be half ass.  I didn't marry T and tell her I would be an ok husband.  We didn't have children and tell each other that we would be ok parents.  We do what we need to do to be the best of the best for each other and our kids.  I expect you to have that same attitude.  I want you to go to sleep every night and wake up each day thinking you are the best in the world at what you do when it comes to your spouse and kids.

Parenting is like CrossFit in this way as well. I pat myself on the back finding ways that these two things are so much alike.  I go into a wod thinking I'm better than Andrew Walker.  I get ready to do Fran thinking I'm going to smash Andrews time.  Why would I not. That would be stupid.  What do I want to hit a wod and think "Well I will do ok" Screw that.

The same principal applies when you are approaching life with your spouse or parenting your children.  Go above and beyond.  Be better than your were yesterday.  Be better than your parents.  Be better than your spouses parents.  Be better than each other.  Be better than me.  Cause damn it, I'm sure as hell working to be better than you.

You need that push?  Come to me.  Ask me for help. I will help.  I will ask you too.

It may sound like a competition and guess what...In life we may not really be competing against each other but you are competing against yourself. Your spouse and your children are your coaches...Don't let them down.  Finish it every day.

And do better the next.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, April 15, 2013

To The Woman...

To the woman that came and looked for me and found me TWICE at the beach in July of 1999.  To the woman who called me.  To the woman who flew me from Texas to Georgia.  To the woman who told everyone that I was the man she was going to marry...before she even told me.  To the woman that stood on a bridge over the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  To the woman who scared me as she rode in a horse carriage instead of walking down the stairs like she had told me she was doing.  To the woman who said "I Do".  To the woman who made me the happiest man in the World.

To the woman who let me love her and said I could spend the rest of my life with her.......

To the woman I love.  I will love you forever and ever.  

13 years.  I already know that we will have many many more.

I love you T.  You are always in my heart.

Happy Anniversary.

And I did do good and stayed within her $10 spending limit at Kohl's.  I had my options and I wasn't sure.  It wasn't easy.  I think I asked a lady probably four or five times if what I had would be less than $10 after my coupons and the sale I got something I know she wouldn't return and since I do laundry I know she would use....

The black tank...Not the mannequin. 

LOVE YA BABE.  Hope you like the tank. And that was an hour in Kohl's. 

Kiss The Baby.



Friday, April 12, 2013

Is It A Lucky Number?











Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Short Pants"....I'm fighting Dumb with Dumb

The other day someone said something that was probably in the TOP 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said.  I feel like I have the right to say that seeing as though I own most of those 10 spots, like at least 5 or 6.

"Short Pants" - Now I'm not sure if that is one word or two words.  Maybe it should look like "ShortPants" hell I have no idea.  WTF are "Short Pants"?

This person then goes on to tell me that what I refer to as "SHORTS" are called "Short Pants"...Hmmm, OK?  I had to ask him..."Do you know how stupid you sound?"  He didn't know. Then he went on to tell me that was I was wearing was "Suit Pants" aka Jeans.  I'm looking at this guy and the look on my face is one that I used to have when the C's were babies and I had no idea of what they were saying.  Ya know, that look a dog has when you say something and all the dog can do is turn its head to the side ????

So in about five minutes I have heard that shorts are called "Short Pants" and Jeans are called "Suit Pants". The things this guy is saying to me are quickly moving up the ranking list of TOP 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said.  

So now I have to go back at him with my logic.  LOGIC.  "Short Pants" are called HIGHWATERS OR CAPRIS.  I mean, if a person has on a pair of pants and they are SHORT, we call them HIGHWATERS or CAPRIS.  How many times do you see a sale going on at a store and the ad is for "SHORT PANTS" ? NEVER!!

Shorts as listed by Wikipedia say nothing about "Short Pants" but do list just under thirty different kinds of shorts.  The closest thing I could find to "Short Pants" was "Three Quarter Pants" which was also listed as Shants and Shankles...Now that is some funny shit right there.  I think I'm going to Old Navy and asking where the Shankles are.  Or hitting the Gap and seeing if they are having a sale on some Shants. LOL.

This guy that was trying to sway my opinion kept on this "Short Pants" thing.  The only way I could get him out of my office was to call him a name.  I called him Highwater (as in the pants).  He didn't like that.  Thought I was mocking him.  Damn right I was mocking his ass. Him and his "Short Pants"

I then decided to give him a taste of his own medicine...

Since I only had one on and not two, I refused to call what I had on a "Pair Of Jeans" or what he had on a "Pair of Shorts".  I told him I had on a "Jean" and he had on a "Short".  Why let it be plural?

In my office, with the people I work with I cant battle dumb with logic...I have to battle dumb with dumb!

Kiss The Baby.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anniversary Gift Shopping Spree

I am happy to say that next Monday, the 15th of April T and I will celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  Time has really flown by as we have enjoyed our marriage.  I say that and mean that.

Every year I tell the story of how we met and how we fell in love and got married.

This year.  Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Nope.

And there are even those times I talk about how hard she is to buy for because she wants NOTHING.  I mean she never wants me to do anything over the top for her and that is just one of the reasons she is so awesome.

This year is different.  She has been working extra hard this year inside the house, outside the house, with the kids and just taking on so much that I think she may have done something to her head.  I'm not sure but she has told me that I can buy her something this year for our Anniversary.  She told me this last night.  I was in so much shock that I even had a dream about shopping for her last night.  Seriously!

I joked yesterday that I had better start planning something for this weekend.  She joked that we were going to install our new hardwood floors.  I didn't joke and said NO!  She then said we could see a movie.  She would see Channing Tatum and I could see GI Joe.  We both get what we want.  I'm good with that.  Then last night she hands me this.....

She gives me a $10 Kohl's Cash Certificate that I got when I bought her a birthday gift.  And she looks at me and says with a serious face

"Buy me something but you better not go over $10"...I'm like "Are you serious"

She was serious.

I have $10 to spend on her.  WOW.  Not only is shopping for her hard enough already, she just made it a million times more difficult with her spending limit.

So. Guess we will soon see what I can come up with for her on this Beverly Hills spending spree. 

Note.......She was loving this idea so much and she knows how hard it is for me to go shop and buy anything at all......."I WISH I COULD HAVE SOMEONE FOLLOW YOU AROUND KOHL'S"

She loves me so much.

Kiss The baby



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adventures In Sleep Pee'ing


It is well documented that I have been the one to take the kids to sleep pee before I crash out and go to sleep each night.

In case you have no idea what sleep pee is...

SLEEP PEE: To physically take your son or daughter to pee while he or she is
still in the state of being asleep.

I think its a fair trade off.  I mean considering that out of four kids spanning the course of 9 years, I think I may have changed probably less than twenty diapers.....Screw ya'll. Stop judging.  Ok well, whatever judge all you want, I would judge you.  I don't do diapers.  Or should I say I didn't do diapers.  So, I am the one who does the sleep pee.

Sleep Pee'ing is a good way to avoid any possible accidents that may occur in the child's bed or a parents bed if the child co-sleeps as does our own C4.

Funny things have happened during the years as I have taken each and all of the kids to sleep pee.

Lets see, C1 who is by far the lightest child was never a problem. Except the time when I almost dropped him in the toilet since he was so skinny and light..Whoops.  Was kind of like carrying a bag of rice cakes to the bathroom.

Then there is C2, holy damn. He is the heaviest child. By heavy, I mean 100% solid. Kid is like a boulder.  I almost had to carry him over my shoulder just to get him to the toilet.  That was a CrossFit wod before I even knew what CrossFit was.

When I started taking C3 to sleep pee, it was a whole new world for me. I didn't have to worry about a penis spraying pee at me over the top of the seat.  And she loved to talk as she was pee'ing.  I never knew what she was saying but I always had a good laugh.

Last and not least.  C4.  He is a hard one to take to sleep pee.  He is like carrying a bag filled with sand that I have to hold and do squats with.  And he is a sleep pee fighter.  He likes to push and punch at me while I am holding him.

Well last night T got to witness first hand what happens when I take C4 to sleep pee.  I normally stay in a squat position on the balls of me feet to hold him up.  Last night he decided he wanted to fight back and push and swing his hands at me.  He is doing this at the same time I am trying to keep him from pee'ing all over the place.  Needless to say I fell backwards and T looked at me with a look of "What in the Hell".

Then she asked if that always happens and I had to tell her.

"Honey, It takes a special kind of man to take a kid to sleep pee"

I am the Navy Seal of Sleep Pee'ing

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C1 AND C2......BROTHERS FOR LIFE...A look back in time.



It was back in 2006 that these two were all we had.  It was then that they were all they had.  Before they had a sister and another little brother it was C1 and C2.

They shared Mommy and Daddy.

They shared sleeping spots.

They shared rides

They shared hiding spots 

They shared tub time

They shared laughs 

They shared Easter Eggs 

They spent time together 

They were always together 

Never separated

And you know what? 

They still do all of the above.
(except tub

They share a room. 
They share toys.
They spend time together.
They love each other.


Till The End!

As a parent when you decide you want to have children...

All you can do is DREAM 

All you can do is IMAGINE 

And all you can do is BELIEVE 

That the love you have for your kids, whether it is one, two, three or four....

Will grow inside of them and they will share it with each other.

Its not hard to see that these photos from seven years ago would look the exact same now.


C1 and C2

Kiss The Baby


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