Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water Product Review

Recently I have become connected with a person that not only is a very kind and gentle soul, but a mom, a CrossFitter and also a force in the market of pushing out Coconut Water. Michele happens to represent and distribute Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water in Texas and Florida.

Now Michele does a number of things but spreading the love and Amy and Brian Coconut Water out is just one of them.  When in Florida she loves to spend her time at the beach and also at the CrossFit Box.  What better place to get and stay healthy and drinking Coconut Water is a great way to help  that as well.

Now I have been a fan of Coconut Water for some time now.  I drink it at home, I drink it at work and I love to chug a can after I finish a CrossFit Wod.  Michele was so awesome enough to send me some of the Amy and Brian brand and I have to be honest with you when I tell you that I LOVED IT!!!  Michele sent me three different kinds. One was a regular little can and it was perfect for a quick slam.  The others were larger cans and they had a lime flavored and also one with pulp.  I loved them all.  I really liked the one with pulp because of the little chunks of coconut. They were best when ice cold.
Nutritional Information

Another thing that makes the Amy and Brian brand of Coconut Water so good is the person I deal with.  When you receive a product like I did or even more so when you buy a product you want do business with someone that cares about what they do and that is Michele.  

How can you not love this?!

Like I said, I was a fan of coconut water before trying the Amy and Brian All Natural Water brand and since slamming all of the cans that Michele sent me, I love it even more.  I think after the CrossFit Games 13.2 Wod I popped the top and hammered two cans.  Drinking water is a MUST.  Staying hydrated is a MUST. If you are going to do what you MUST then you might as well add a little kick to your hydration with some Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water.

Get ya some.  Get ya some right now.

You can find Michele and learn more about the Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Water Brand at the sites below. 

Thanks Michele for hooking me up with a great product that I truthfully loved.  



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