Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anniversary Gift Shopping Spree

I am happy to say that next Monday, the 15th of April T and I will celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  Time has really flown by as we have enjoyed our marriage.  I say that and mean that.

Every year I tell the story of how we met and how we fell in love and got married.

This year.  Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Nope.

And there are even those times I talk about how hard she is to buy for because she wants NOTHING.  I mean she never wants me to do anything over the top for her and that is just one of the reasons she is so awesome.

This year is different.  She has been working extra hard this year inside the house, outside the house, with the kids and just taking on so much that I think she may have done something to her head.  I'm not sure but she has told me that I can buy her something this year for our Anniversary.  She told me this last night.  I was in so much shock that I even had a dream about shopping for her last night.  Seriously!

I joked yesterday that I had better start planning something for this weekend.  She joked that we were going to install our new hardwood floors.  I didn't joke and said NO!  She then said we could see a movie.  She would see Channing Tatum and I could see GI Joe.  We both get what we want.  I'm good with that.  Then last night she hands me this.....

She gives me a $10 Kohl's Cash Certificate that I got when I bought her a birthday gift.  And she looks at me and says with a serious face

"Buy me something but you better not go over $10"...I'm like "Are you serious"

She was serious.

I have $10 to spend on her.  WOW.  Not only is shopping for her hard enough already, she just made it a million times more difficult with her spending limit.

So. Guess we will soon see what I can come up with for her on this Beverly Hills spending spree. 

Note.......She was loving this idea so much and she knows how hard it is for me to go shop and buy anything at all......."I WISH I COULD HAVE SOMEONE FOLLOW YOU AROUND KOHL'S"

She loves me so much.

Kiss The baby



Tracy April 9, 2013 at 10:26 AM   Reply to

HA. I think the best part of this will be me knowing how many hours it will you to find something. :)

Have fun!

Unknown January 2, 2014 at 1:44 PM   Reply to

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