Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Better Than You! Be Better Than Me!

I'm a dick. I know this. I claim to be better than you and I will not shy away from that.  Call it confidence in what I'm doing, call it a gut feeling that I do feel that strongly in what I'm doing is better than what you are doing.  Even though she doesn't have a big mouth like me and doesn't talk shit like I do, I know that my teammate and partner in crime is even smarter than me and that makes us great leaders for our 4 C's.

While I say that....You know what?!  I hope while you are reading this, you are also saying the exact same thing.  I want you to say you are a better parent.  I want you to say you are doing a better job.  I want you to say that you are making better decisions.

That right there means you are trying as hard as I am at being the best parents that we both can be.

I'm saying that I'm smarter for homeschooling.  I'm saying that we are better because she breastfed all of our kids.  I'm saying that we are better for not leaving our kids in a daycare.  For not shipping them off to our parents house every Friday night just so we can have some alone time.

You say you are better because you do it differently. I love that.

You be you and I will be me.

I will always be an asshole. I don't care.  I love my wife. I love my kids and I love my families.  I even love some of my friends. If I love you, you know who you are because I show, tell and share that with you.

I didn't get married or have kids to go at and be half ass.  I didn't marry T and tell her I would be an ok husband.  We didn't have children and tell each other that we would be ok parents.  We do what we need to do to be the best of the best for each other and our kids.  I expect you to have that same attitude.  I want you to go to sleep every night and wake up each day thinking you are the best in the world at what you do when it comes to your spouse and kids.

Parenting is like CrossFit in this way as well. I pat myself on the back finding ways that these two things are so much alike.  I go into a wod thinking I'm better than Andrew Walker.  I get ready to do Fran thinking I'm going to smash Andrews time.  Why would I not. That would be stupid.  What do I want to hit a wod and think "Well I will do ok" Screw that.

The same principal applies when you are approaching life with your spouse or parenting your children.  Go above and beyond.  Be better than your were yesterday.  Be better than your parents.  Be better than your spouses parents.  Be better than each other.  Be better than me.  Cause damn it, I'm sure as hell working to be better than you.

You need that push?  Come to me.  Ask me for help. I will help.  I will ask you too.

It may sound like a competition and guess what...In life we may not really be competing against each other but you are competing against yourself. Your spouse and your children are your coaches...Don't let them down.  Finish it every day.

And do better the next.

Kiss The Baby



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