Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making a Med Ball for your Home Wod's

Love CrossFit like I do?

Don't have a money tree in the backyard either?

You and I are alike and we have so many many more like us out there just waiting for some tips and instructions on how to save a penny and still have great CrossFit equipment and do kick ass wods at home.

Several months ago one of my favorite people Scott Isbell who has a wife that is one of my favorite people Nikki (who just accepted her invite to Regionals) told me about making and finding stuff for doing home wods.  The time had come for me to decide to

A. Renew my gym membership and do wods where NO ONE knew anything about CrossFit and there was              no CrossFit equipment


B. Buy my own stuff and also make my own stuff and set up a CrossFit Garage Box at home

I went with B.

Anyways, Scott was telling me about how he made his own Med Ball.  Med Balls or Wall Balls can be used for a number of things.  We all know what they are. If not, ask someone. lol

So taking Scott's advice I made my own Med Ball.

And here is how I did it..........

First, find a ball.  This shouldn't be that hard.  Me I took an old
basketball (since I have tons). Sorry David Stern, but CrossFit
needs your balls. lol

The next step was the hardest.  Pulling the rubber inflation plug out and
then drilling, cutting, sawing the hole big enough for you to fit the funnel in.
Depending on the size of your funnel this will be easy to hard.

Next, take your funnel and shove that bastard in there. As far as you can.
Look, it may take some time, may take a few tries but proper insertion of funnel
into ball is a must.

Sand.  Well if you are not lucky enough to live on the may have to 
visit your local Home Depot, Lowe's or supply store and dish out $3 for a bag.
This bag was 50lbs. 

Then you start adding sand in the funnel and watch if slowly go into the ball.  Repeat this step
for about one half hour and then you will be ready to check the weight of your Med Ball.

I needed my first Med Ball to weigh in at 20lbs.  Once I had it at the 
correct weight I plugged the hole with some liquid nails, some silicone, and then 
a patch.  Plus I added some duct tape over it in a few different directions to 
make sure everything was sealed good.

So there ya have it.  Ready for Wall Balls, Med Ball Cleans, and sit ups and anything else we can do with it. The kids have even had fun lifting it and rolling it down the driveway.

Total cost....Free Ball. Already purchased tape and sealant, $3 for sand. 

Do the math.

Wod On.

Kiss The Baby



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