Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Short Pants"....I'm fighting Dumb with Dumb

The other day someone said something that was probably in the TOP 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said.  I feel like I have the right to say that seeing as though I own most of those 10 spots, like at least 5 or 6.

"Short Pants" - Now I'm not sure if that is one word or two words.  Maybe it should look like "ShortPants" hell I have no idea.  WTF are "Short Pants"?

This person then goes on to tell me that what I refer to as "SHORTS" are called "Short Pants"...Hmmm, OK?  I had to ask him..."Do you know how stupid you sound?"  He didn't know. Then he went on to tell me that was I was wearing was "Suit Pants" aka Jeans.  I'm looking at this guy and the look on my face is one that I used to have when the C's were babies and I had no idea of what they were saying.  Ya know, that look a dog has when you say something and all the dog can do is turn its head to the side ????

So in about five minutes I have heard that shorts are called "Short Pants" and Jeans are called "Suit Pants". The things this guy is saying to me are quickly moving up the ranking list of TOP 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said.  

So now I have to go back at him with my logic.  LOGIC.  "Short Pants" are called HIGHWATERS OR CAPRIS.  I mean, if a person has on a pair of pants and they are SHORT, we call them HIGHWATERS or CAPRIS.  How many times do you see a sale going on at a store and the ad is for "SHORT PANTS" ? NEVER!!

Shorts as listed by Wikipedia say nothing about "Short Pants" but do list just under thirty different kinds of shorts.  The closest thing I could find to "Short Pants" was "Three Quarter Pants" which was also listed as Shants and Shankles...Now that is some funny shit right there.  I think I'm going to Old Navy and asking where the Shankles are.  Or hitting the Gap and seeing if they are having a sale on some Shants. LOL.

This guy that was trying to sway my opinion kept on this "Short Pants" thing.  The only way I could get him out of my office was to call him a name.  I called him Highwater (as in the pants).  He didn't like that.  Thought I was mocking him.  Damn right I was mocking his ass. Him and his "Short Pants"

I then decided to give him a taste of his own medicine...

Since I only had one on and not two, I refused to call what I had on a "Pair Of Jeans" or what he had on a "Pair of Shorts".  I told him I had on a "Jean" and he had on a "Short".  Why let it be plural?

In my office, with the people I work with I cant battle dumb with logic...I have to battle dumb with dumb!

Kiss The Baby.



Penny April 12, 2013 at 9:02 AM   Reply to

LMFAO Oh I love your logic! I love the pant and short.

I always thought pants that were accidentally too short were highwaters {as in what my son tends to wear... LOL} and pants purposefully too short were capris.

And I thought suit pants were you know... suit pants, as in pants with a crease that have a matching jacket?

I think anything that covers you from the waist to the ankles can be classified as pants... assuming it's not a skirt, of course.

Anything at or above the knee are shorts, again, unless it's a skirt.

I think JEANS are denim, nothing else can be called jeans as far as I'm concerned. Maybe they are called a "pair" of jeans because they have two legs?

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