Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busted My Wife After 13 Years Of Marriage

When I say this about T she wont care.  She wont get mad.  She wont get her panties in a wod. No not a CrossFit WOD, I mean all bunched up.  She wont send me nasty text messages or make me sleep on the couch.

T knows nothing about music or the artists.  She doesn't know the songs, the words, who sings what or when a song came out.  She doesn't. She does not care either.  She admits it.  She often wonders how I can know so much about music and cant remember to get milk at the store.  I'm just that great.

But sometimes a person surprises you and hit you with some knowledge when you least expect it. That brings us to the TV show THE VOICE.  We watch that show. We are huge fans and T and I always love to make our comments too.  Well last night as we were watching one of T's favorites came on....

Josiah has been a favorite of T's since the beginning. And he was singing "Clocks" a song by Coldplay.  Well that prompted T to mention that Josiah looked a lot like this guy...

Yes. That is Chris Isaak.  Now what happened at the time she mentioned that Josiah looked like Chris Isaak just about sent me into shock.  Not only did the woman who knows just about nothing about music know the guys name (Chris Isaak) but at the same time she told me the name of the song he sang. "Wicked Game"

What the F**K just happened.  Now I was in pain last night from this damn tooth and I had a pain pill in my system that was making me feel weird, but I couldn't believe my ears when T named that artist and the song.

That NEVER happens. NEVER.

So, does he remind you of that one guy who sang that one song way back when.  Just ask T, she will tell you who you are thinking of.

I bet she has been tricking me all these years.  She really does know music.  She just doesn't like it when I sing to her.

AHHH HA!  Busted!

Kiss The Baby



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