Monday, May 13, 2013

My Kids Can Flip You Off

I'm trying to get my own personal home garage CrossFit Box built up more,so Saturday I went to a local tire shop and got a free truck tire.  Not one of the huge tires, but a tire that is going to be used as a pulling sled.  I'm going to cut part of the top out and then attach some bolts on the side and add straps, then pull.

But before I get all that finished the kids wanted to have some fun with it.  FUN?  My idea of fun and their idea of fun (when it comes to this tire) are two different things.  Rolling the tire. Fun for them.

Then I got this idea.  If they want to play with the tire....Let em play, but my way!

Tire Flips.  Let them do tire flips.  So. I got the tire to the yard where it was nice and level and showed them how it was done.  Gave them a short distance and told them I was going to time them. And oh boy, as soon as I said I was going to time them, IT WAS ON!

First we had C1. Weighing in at just a little more than a gallon of milk and measuring up to just about his mom her took his turn.

Next we get the Dude with the Tude. C2. Thick and solid like a tree trunk, he ran his mouth and got to work.

No competition would be complete without C3. She is C3...Nuff said!

Now going last was C4.  This three year old, he gets it done no matter what!

I am not one to push the kids to do what I love to do.  But it is so fun to watch them get involved and at least try to do what I love.  CrossFit.

Next I think I will have them pulling the tire....Stay tuned.

Kiss The Baby



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