Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Wife Loves.............

As T likes to say, well loves to say I am a "Dirty Old Man".  When she says this to me she somehow always seems to get the emphasis on the word OLD.  That's OK. I'm old and I can handle that. I am dirty too, but yesterday wasn't my fault.

See what happened was I was on the phone with T and she blurts out...

"I hate caulk, its all over my hands"

Me, I start laughing.  See. There is only one other word that is so remotely close to the word caulk when said out loud.

So it took a few minutes but I was able to stop laughing and as soon as I did....the jokes started.

Phrases like,

"My wife loves caulk" "Can you handle all that caulk" "Would you like some more caulk"

Oh, I had tons of them...And I could hear the hate in her voice as she said to me

"You think you are really funny...don't you!"

Even a favorite song on mine fit the occasion

"Baby Got Caulk"...She sings "I like big caulk and I cannot lie"  haha

Then it gets better. Well better for me. I get home and T is in the bathroom.  What do I see all over the bathroom?  That's right......Caulk!  Lots of caulk.  I told her that I was home now and would she like some more caulk?

She didn't think I was too funny.

Again T told me this "I hate caulk"  Good thing we already have kids.

But she brings all of these joke on herself.

"It was hard to get out at first" talking about the caulk.

"The caulk was creamy"

LOL.  Oh boy.

The night ended with me asking T if she wanted some caulk before she went to sleep?

Guess how that went?

This would make a nice Mothers Day gift....

Kiss The Baby



Unknown May 10, 2013 at 9:20 AM   Reply to

Thanks for the caulk conversation the other night. :)

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