Monday, May 20, 2013

What our kids would do for money

Our kids will do anything for money.  

I mean anything.

Its funny too because they all know just how much to ask for.

Well Saturday night we were having some fresh steamed Artichoke and since it's organic and all there just so happened to be a worm in it.

Being that T and the kids are all huge super fans of the show Survivor, T had this great idea to ask

"Who wants to eat the worm?"

(I had immediately left the area)

With me screaming "NASTY, GROSS, SICK" and giving looks to my wife like *What in the hell are you doing* she came back at me with..."The worm is dead!"

Oh, that makes it

C3 was first and came running into the kitchen proclaiming that she would do it...

For $5. 

C2 then came in and said he would do it for $10.

Now why in the hell would I pay him $10 when she would do it for $5 and hell C4 would probably do it for less than that.

Worm -top of the spoon

Well no one ate it.

I saved some money and didn't throw up.

Never a dull moment in our house.

Kiss The Baby



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