Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When waiting for someone makes you a dumbass


Your wife and kids are on the run.  Having to be here and having to go there.  It can make for a crazy afternoon, evening and night.

Event runs later than expected and that wife and those kids are hungry.  Very Hungry.  I mean these kids cant go an hour without wanting to eat.

Wife calls husband and says "Want to meet me at the restaurant?".  Husband says "Sure, sounds great. Eating there or taking it home?"  She tells her husband that she will just pick it up and then they can eat at home.

Nice. No problem.  Plan is for the husband to meet the wife and kids and then go home and have dinner.

Husband gets to restaurant.

Husband gets out of car and checks some scores on his phone.  Scrolls through twitter.  Checks some emails, and waits.

Yeah, he waits a bit longer.

Keeps waiting. Looks at his watch and looks around.

*I'm sure people walking by are thinking this dude is creepy by now*

Husband finally texts his wife to ask "Am I suppose to be picking up this food or what?"

Ten minutes later wife responds with "No, I just picked it up!"

She then tells her husband that she was at "Such and such restaurant" located somewhere completely different than where husband was waiting.

It was at that point, maybe 30 minutes later that the husband finally realized that he was somewhere and his wife and kids were getting food from somewhere else.

That husband was such a dumbass.

Damn, I'm such a dumbass.

Kiss The Baby



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