Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Hero's

T and C1 were in the bathroom last night and I got asked a question.

"Who is your favorite Super Hero?"

That was a good question presented to me. There are so many out there.  From the days when I was a kids to the ones that are new and the one that have been around forever.

Now I was a HUGE Star Wars and GI Joe fan growing up.  And I never left out Superman, Batman or any of the other guys.

I ran down the list of those that I liked last night with T and C1 and then it hit me.  After going over those we mentioned and the qualities of each, I made my choice.

My favorite Super Hero is...

CAPTAIN AMERICA coming in a close second. 

I picked Thor because of his plain and simple brute strength and his awesome flowing locks of hair and his Mjolnir (hammer like) source of protection. 

So I then asked C1 and he wouldn't tell me his.  Not sure why?  But a little birdie told me his was THOR too.

C2 is a fan of 

He has the little Ironman figure and he loves the guy.

C3, now since she is a living and breathing Cat Woman, it only makes sense that her favorite is 

I don't know why C4 likes 

But he does. Always asking if he can watch Spiderman and we tell him he has to be older. So he waits and asks. 

The one person who hadn't given the answer yet was T.. Her favorite Super Hero is

Its funny how our kids have favorites since they are not even allowed to watch any shows that have there characters in them.  But they love their Lego's and they love the different characters. 

With the choices we all made, looks like we have a pretty bad ass group of Super Hero's

Kiss The Baby



Monday, June 24, 2013

Glad to be back to Normal

Might have only been four days but it sure seemed like a lot longer than that.

I would be selfish to deny T and the kids a shot at going to the beach.  That would be crazy for me to do that.  They love the beach.  And staying at a place with T's mom, I mean not having to pay for the house is an awesome deal.    So Wednesday when they left, I was happy for them.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad or jealous but like I said before I wasn't going to be selfish and tell them that I didn't want them going.

I got sent all kinds of pictures and talked to the kids.  They were having a blast. Sandcastles, rolling around in the sand, C3 even made a friend that was a little girl around her age and that never happens. She is usually playing with her brothers or other boys.  She had fun with her little friend too. C2 told me they were trying to catch fish in the water.

T was sending me pics everyday and I loved seeing the kids have so much fun.  They are already so tan that it makes me look like I am adopted into the family.

So while T kept forgetting what day it was (yeah, life is rough at the beach) and while the kids were having some fun in the sun (much deserved) here is what I did on my super exciting days...

Wednesday Night.  Watched OZ The Great and Powerful.

Thursday Night. Watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Friday Night. Watched a movie named Snitch

Saturday.  Got up and went to the CrossFit Box and worked my ass off.  Then went to Lowes and picked up some stuff for the house.  Went to Taco Mac and got some wings.. Loved that. Watched another movie Saturday night

Mix in some yard work and laundry.

Sunday rolled around and I finished up some stuff and got ready for T and the kids to get home.  I was happy to see them as they pulled in a little after 11am.  They all looked so good. They looked tired and worn out but looked like it was from having fun.  C3 finally lost that dangling tooth of hers in the van, so now she is toothless in the front.  C2 was hoping to see what shows were recorded on the tv.  C1 went straight to his lego table and C4 was showering me with hugs.  I was able to sneak in some kisses with T until C3 and C4 tackled us.

I was so happy to have them home.  I was so glad that they were able to enjoy that time at the beach but I did miss them.

Every C was happy to be in their own bed.  T was so thrilled to be back in her bed.

Back to the normal crazy life.

Wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Gang

I am always thinking of my kids as a little gang.  The 4C's Gang.  The C4 Gang.  Any of that works.  I mean they really are like a little gang. They each have their own little part in the gang, they all hold their own and they all can either get along and or butt heads like members of a real life gang.  

I'm using my Gang Expertise to tell you all of this of course.  I was a long time member of the ummm, that one hard core group of..ohh you know.. the what were they called again?  Oh never mind, I will tell you if it comes to me. 

THE GANG - 4 C's

Lets examine the gang above member by member.  You can tell by the photo above that they all have a style and they have their own look that they use to win you over or knock you the hell out.

From left to right

C2 - The Enforcer.  This dude will use his strength and power to basically kick your ass.  He is a take action first talk later kind of kid.  Sticking up for himself first, but always there to help out his brothers and sister.  Practices his moves on the siblings.

C1 - The Brain.  The MasterMind behind any plan that may come together.  He is a specialist at drawing up the plan of attack and then charting down what happens after that.  Skilled in the art of trickery and fooling those out of what is theirs. 

C4 - The Grenade.  My how explosive packages can come in such a small size.  The last born of the 4 C's has wasted no time putting himself in the gang.  Usually the one to cause the trouble he never hides when it comes time to start a brawl. 

C3 - The Sweetheart.  Oh yeah. She will pull you in with her eyes and looks and sweetness. Then she will beat you to a mess. She is by far the toughest one in the gang.  She is the one that has the brothers backs and will not go away without a fight. 

This right here is awesome.  I love the look of these two. They look so tough don't they?!  Arms crossed and the other has arms in his pockets. The looks on the faces.  I love it. That movie "The Outsiders"  lol.  My two oldest boys are something to look at.

I love my Gang

Kiss The Baby



Monday, June 17, 2013

Every Day Is Fathers Day

I call it our team. It takes more than T and I to be a successful unit.  It also take these four characters with me in the photo.  Without them T and I wouldn't have any team.  

I think back to what I used to be like and to what I used to have and my life now is so much better.  It started with C1 and that was so hard at first. I didn't know what I was doing.  Then C2 came along and I kind of had an idea of what being a dad was all about.  Play with them all the time, teach them how to pee, play sports and watch sports with me.  Then C3 changed all of that. Holy shit. I had no clue about having a daughter.  Everything was different.  C4...Well he changed it all. The ultimate mommy's boy and I love that.  I love that my kids love their mommy so much.

It takes more than donating some sperm to be a good DAD.  You have to be there.  You have to be there for your wife just as much as your kids.  It all goes together.  Take care of your kids and do the best for them, then your wife will be happy and life will be easier.  Take care of your wife and she will be happier taking care of the kids.

I have had a lot of ups and downs during my 9+ years of being a dad.  But the one great thing about all of those ups and downs is that the kids have always been there for me.  They are there when I leave for work, there when I get home.  They are mad when I take the last of some kind of food they wanted (C1) or mad when I forget to fix that bike tire (C3).  They are happy when I say its ok to watch a show on tv (C2) and they love the little things like bringing home a pad to draw on (C4).  They never know if I'm sad or had a rough day.  They just know that I am home and that is a great feeling.

I learned how to be a great dad by having great influences in my life when I was younger.  My dad was so great to me and still is. He is there anytime I need him for anything. We never saw eye to eye on everything and we never will, not on everything. And that's fine, he raised me to be a good man, treat a wife good and with respect and to be smart enough to make my own decisions as a dad and not let anyone else tell me how to do it.  My PoP-Pop was a great man.  He taught me how to be a clown. Always being funny.  Yeah, it gets old at times, but not for the kids.  Just like I always loved him being funny, the kids love it when I joke and play with them.  My Uncle Buzz, he was there to help out and is a good guy as well.  My Granddaddy always made me believe that you are never too old to give a hug to your Granddaddy or Dad.  He made sure that he always gave me one, no matter what.

Having these men in my life growing up and even now just makes it easier to be a good dad.  

I love my kids more than anything.  I would give my life for my kids.  I would suffer for my kids.  I would gladly do less for me than if I could give more to my kids.  I cant even imagine being a dad now.  My life would suck if I didn't have kids.  I see a little bit of me in each of them.  The good, bad and ugly.  I laugh at it at times and sometimes I even cry.  I always love. 

No matter what happens in my life, I know that I will always be a dad.  I hope that I am being a good enough dad that the 4 C's will someday say the same about me that I say about my dad.

Thank you kids for being there for me.  You mean more to me on an every day basis than I'm sure I mean to you.  And you will understand that as you get older.  

Thanks for making every day, Fathers Day.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fabio Perez and Twentyone Creative - GIVEAWAY TIME

I'm a fan of cool stuff. Who isn't?  Everyone has their own opinion of what is cool and what is not.  That's what makes Fabio Perez and his brand Twentyone Creative so awesome. There is no possible way that you can look on his sites and not find at least ONE thing that you think is cool.  Whether it be on his Blog or on his Dribble Page there are so many kick ass things to look at and admire.  Hell, he even has his own Etsy shop where you can pick up some of his great work.

I first became a fan of Fabio and TwentyOne Creative when he came to me to tell me I had made my Cuban sandwich all wrong and to rub his Miami Heat's victories all up in my face.  They friendly banter and trash talk made me more intrigued to check out more of his work. This Graphic Designer and Studio Artist is more than a street side amusement park sketch artist.  His work covers all areas from the retro looks, letterpress prints, baby nurseries and even prints that would be great for homeschooling parents like ourselves.

For example look at this print of the Solar System.

That's just one of many. C1 and C2 actually picked this print and it will go in their room. T liked some of Fabio's Coffee Prints like this one Cafe Espresso. I have to be 100% honest and say my favorite was this one that kind of looked like Wall-E.  Fabio puts so much time and hard work into his prints it is hard not to love them. 

Fabio Perez the 35 year old from Miami has been into art since his young days and hanging out in the Graphics Dept at his fathers summer job. Back in Cuba in the early 90's there were no computers and everything had to be done by hand, the drawing, the writing, the editing, imaging and doing it that way just kind of stuck with Fabio.  Even though some of the work may make it seem like a job, Fabio says "I absolutely love what i do, there's not a day i don't spend hours working on something.
Even if is just experimenting or learning something new."  Fabio really doesn't like to point to one thing when asked what is his favorite thing to draw or design.  He says he like to go through all the different styles and study them and explore them then make it his own. He is really into the vintage work right now. 

Fabio credits Scott Hansen as just one of his influences and his work in the vintage area.  But says that his daily scrolling through twitter and dribble saying "I'm mean there is soooo much awesome work out there."

Here is what Fabio and I are doing.  Fabio has been kind enough to share his work with my family by sending us the Solar Systems print.  Fabio didn't stop there.  He told me he wanted to share his work and his love with one of my readers.  So this is what I'M going to do.  I'm going to do a GiveAway!  That's right!  Someone is going to be lucky enough to receive a print from Fabio.  That's right a 13x19 print of your choice. FOR FREE!

****Here is what you do....Mandatory Entry! Go to Fabio's Twentyone Creatives ETSY page and tell me in the comments below what 13x19 Print you would love to have****

To get your extra entries you must leave me comments below telling me you did the following..

(One extra entry per item done)

Follow @Twenty21one on Twitter

Like Twentyone Creative on Facebook

Follow Fabio on Pinterest

Follow @BenoshXF on Twitter

Like BenoshXF on Facebook

Tweet about this GiveAway on Twitter

That right there is 7 possible entries for a sweet kick ass Print from Fabio Perez.

This GiveAway will end June 14th at Midnight. That's Friday the 14th at Midnight.  Winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator and notified by email or twitter and on this blog!

Contest open to US and Canada

Kiss The Baby




Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday C4. You only turn 4 years old ONCE.

You never know how many kids you have when you start having kids. Well at least we didn't.  But when we found out we were having a 4th C, we decided that four was the perfect place to stop.

Now as our little boy isn't so little anymore we celebrate his 4th Birthday today.

What started like this

And this

Turned into this 

Then he turned 1

He loved to make a mess and still does

He always told us if he went poop

He has always loved his Ninny Juice and still at 4 years old
he gets thirsty and hungry for the Ninny

Found out he would be our last child

He loved turning 3

And growing so big

But never too big for my arms

Always by his Mommy

He can always hang with me

Or just chill  by himself

Always has a bright idea

Already a ladies man

Turning 4 years old

Has never looked better

So shout as loud as you can
Now your 4 year old
My Little Man.

Mommy, C1, C2, C3 and I love you very much. 
You may be the last, the youngest the smallest (for now)
But you are by far not the least.

I'm going to steal your own favorite word and tell you that we will



Stop Loving You.

Happy Birthday to you.

You are 4 now!

Kiss The Baby


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