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Fabio Perez and Twentyone Creative - GIVEAWAY TIME

I'm a fan of cool stuff. Who isn't?  Everyone has their own opinion of what is cool and what is not.  That's what makes Fabio Perez and his brand Twentyone Creative so awesome. There is no possible way that you can look on his sites and not find at least ONE thing that you think is cool.  Whether it be on his Blog or on his Dribble Page there are so many kick ass things to look at and admire.  Hell, he even has his own Etsy shop where you can pick up some of his great work.

I first became a fan of Fabio and TwentyOne Creative when he came to me to tell me I had made my Cuban sandwich all wrong and to rub his Miami Heat's victories all up in my face.  They friendly banter and trash talk made me more intrigued to check out more of his work. This Graphic Designer and Studio Artist is more than a street side amusement park sketch artist.  His work covers all areas from the retro looks, letterpress prints, baby nurseries and even prints that would be great for homeschooling parents like ourselves.

For example look at this print of the Solar System.

That's just one of many. C1 and C2 actually picked this print and it will go in their room. T liked some of Fabio's Coffee Prints like this one Cafe Espresso. I have to be 100% honest and say my favorite was this one that kind of looked like Wall-E.  Fabio puts so much time and hard work into his prints it is hard not to love them. 

Fabio Perez the 35 year old from Miami has been into art since his young days and hanging out in the Graphics Dept at his fathers summer job. Back in Cuba in the early 90's there were no computers and everything had to be done by hand, the drawing, the writing, the editing, imaging and doing it that way just kind of stuck with Fabio.  Even though some of the work may make it seem like a job, Fabio says "I absolutely love what i do, there's not a day i don't spend hours working on something.
Even if is just experimenting or learning something new."  Fabio really doesn't like to point to one thing when asked what is his favorite thing to draw or design.  He says he like to go through all the different styles and study them and explore them then make it his own. He is really into the vintage work right now. 

Fabio credits Scott Hansen as just one of his influences and his work in the vintage area.  But says that his daily scrolling through twitter and dribble saying "I'm mean there is soooo much awesome work out there."

Here is what Fabio and I are doing.  Fabio has been kind enough to share his work with my family by sending us the Solar Systems print.  Fabio didn't stop there.  He told me he wanted to share his work and his love with one of my readers.  So this is what I'M going to do.  I'm going to do a GiveAway!  That's right!  Someone is going to be lucky enough to receive a print from Fabio.  That's right a 13x19 print of your choice. FOR FREE!

****Here is what you do....Mandatory Entry! Go to Fabio's Twentyone Creatives ETSY page and tell me in the comments below what 13x19 Print you would love to have****

To get your extra entries you must leave me comments below telling me you did the following..

(One extra entry per item done)

Follow @Twenty21one on Twitter

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Follow Fabio on Pinterest

Follow @BenoshXF on Twitter

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Tweet about this GiveAway on Twitter

That right there is 7 possible entries for a sweet kick ass Print from Fabio Perez.

This GiveAway will end June 14th at Midnight. That's Friday the 14th at Midnight.  Winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator and notified by email or twitter and on this blog!

Contest open to US and Canada

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