Monday, June 24, 2013

Glad to be back to Normal

Might have only been four days but it sure seemed like a lot longer than that.

I would be selfish to deny T and the kids a shot at going to the beach.  That would be crazy for me to do that.  They love the beach.  And staying at a place with T's mom, I mean not having to pay for the house is an awesome deal.    So Wednesday when they left, I was happy for them.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad or jealous but like I said before I wasn't going to be selfish and tell them that I didn't want them going.

I got sent all kinds of pictures and talked to the kids.  They were having a blast. Sandcastles, rolling around in the sand, C3 even made a friend that was a little girl around her age and that never happens. She is usually playing with her brothers or other boys.  She had fun with her little friend too. C2 told me they were trying to catch fish in the water.

T was sending me pics everyday and I loved seeing the kids have so much fun.  They are already so tan that it makes me look like I am adopted into the family.

So while T kept forgetting what day it was (yeah, life is rough at the beach) and while the kids were having some fun in the sun (much deserved) here is what I did on my super exciting days...

Wednesday Night.  Watched OZ The Great and Powerful.

Thursday Night. Watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Friday Night. Watched a movie named Snitch

Saturday.  Got up and went to the CrossFit Box and worked my ass off.  Then went to Lowes and picked up some stuff for the house.  Went to Taco Mac and got some wings.. Loved that. Watched another movie Saturday night

Mix in some yard work and laundry.

Sunday rolled around and I finished up some stuff and got ready for T and the kids to get home.  I was happy to see them as they pulled in a little after 11am.  They all looked so good. They looked tired and worn out but looked like it was from having fun.  C3 finally lost that dangling tooth of hers in the van, so now she is toothless in the front.  C2 was hoping to see what shows were recorded on the tv.  C1 went straight to his lego table and C4 was showering me with hugs.  I was able to sneak in some kisses with T until C3 and C4 tackled us.

I was so happy to have them home.  I was so glad that they were able to enjoy that time at the beach but I did miss them.

Every C was happy to be in their own bed.  T was so thrilled to be back in her bed.

Back to the normal crazy life.

Wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!

Kiss The Baby



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