Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Hero's

T and C1 were in the bathroom last night and I got asked a question.

"Who is your favorite Super Hero?"

That was a good question presented to me. There are so many out there.  From the days when I was a kids to the ones that are new and the one that have been around forever.

Now I was a HUGE Star Wars and GI Joe fan growing up.  And I never left out Superman, Batman or any of the other guys.

I ran down the list of those that I liked last night with T and C1 and then it hit me.  After going over those we mentioned and the qualities of each, I made my choice.

My favorite Super Hero is...

CAPTAIN AMERICA coming in a close second. 

I picked Thor because of his plain and simple brute strength and his awesome flowing locks of hair and his Mjolnir (hammer like) source of protection. 

So I then asked C1 and he wouldn't tell me his.  Not sure why?  But a little birdie told me his was THOR too.

C2 is a fan of 

He has the little Ironman figure and he loves the guy.

C3, now since she is a living and breathing Cat Woman, it only makes sense that her favorite is 

I don't know why C4 likes 

But he does. Always asking if he can watch Spiderman and we tell him he has to be older. So he waits and asks. 

The one person who hadn't given the answer yet was T.. Her favorite Super Hero is

Its funny how our kids have favorites since they are not even allowed to watch any shows that have there characters in them.  But they love their Lego's and they love the different characters. 

With the choices we all made, looks like we have a pretty bad ass group of Super Hero's

Kiss The Baby



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