Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Gang

I am always thinking of my kids as a little gang.  The 4C's Gang.  The C4 Gang.  Any of that works.  I mean they really are like a little gang. They each have their own little part in the gang, they all hold their own and they all can either get along and or butt heads like members of a real life gang.  

I'm using my Gang Expertise to tell you all of this of course.  I was a long time member of the ummm, that one hard core group of..ohh you know.. the what were they called again?  Oh never mind, I will tell you if it comes to me. 

THE GANG - 4 C's

Lets examine the gang above member by member.  You can tell by the photo above that they all have a style and they have their own look that they use to win you over or knock you the hell out.

From left to right

C2 - The Enforcer.  This dude will use his strength and power to basically kick your ass.  He is a take action first talk later kind of kid.  Sticking up for himself first, but always there to help out his brothers and sister.  Practices his moves on the siblings.

C1 - The Brain.  The MasterMind behind any plan that may come together.  He is a specialist at drawing up the plan of attack and then charting down what happens after that.  Skilled in the art of trickery and fooling those out of what is theirs. 

C4 - The Grenade.  My how explosive packages can come in such a small size.  The last born of the 4 C's has wasted no time putting himself in the gang.  Usually the one to cause the trouble he never hides when it comes time to start a brawl. 

C3 - The Sweetheart.  Oh yeah. She will pull you in with her eyes and looks and sweetness. Then she will beat you to a mess. She is by far the toughest one in the gang.  She is the one that has the brothers backs and will not go away without a fight. 

This right here is awesome.  I love the look of these two. They look so tough don't they?!  Arms crossed and the other has arms in his pockets. The looks on the faces.  I love it. That movie "The Outsiders"  lol.  My two oldest boys are something to look at.

I love my Gang

Kiss The Baby



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