Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is that me or him or both?

Our kids pick up our traits.

Each of the C's have different things that resemble either T or I.

Just so happens that C1 has my goofiness and class clown type behavior in him.

Always making silly faces or acting crazy, I think it's safe to say that he gets THAT trait from me.

This picture that T took the other day totally cracks me up.  First thing is he hates wearing my hats and he has on my Texas Longhorns hat.  And then, since when is my kid making gestures with his hands?  This is so funny to me. C1 is close to being in the dub digits age and is almost as tall as T.  Add that up with being a crazy fool like me and we are in for a fun ride. 

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Change is good.

We love it when the Seasons change.

When is change bad?

When it disrupts the rhythm of your marriage.

When is change needed?

When your marriage has no rhythm.

T and I, we have some great rhythm, making beautiful music day after day, night after night and with each year that passes we make more hits. 

Kiss The Baby



Monday, July 29, 2013

Turning 41

Turning 41 isn't a big deal for me. I am not one to care about my age.  I am glad that I feel like I am in good health, I am happy to have family that loves me, and I am feel so proud to have THE MOST amazing wife and the four BEST kids a guy could have.

I can remember when birthdays were all about going out and getting drunk, going to a party and doing whatever to get into some kind of trouble.  Sure that was so much fun then.  Now I look back and wish I would have done something better for myself on my birthdays.  Travel and go visit new places.  Meet more people.  Experience different things.  Think of the stories and memories I could have and share with my kids.  Am I going to tell them about that one birthday when I went out, got hammered and threw up? NO!  Why would I, that is about a stupid ass thing to do.  Hey kids, look at daddy throwing up everywhere from being a dumbass.

Turning 41 isn't about the years that are behind me and what I have or have not done with those years, its about what am I going to do with the years that are in front of me.  What will I do on my next birthday?  What kind of awesome cards will I get from the kids?  Which one of the kids will spill the beans of the special gifts that I may or may not be getting?

I look forward to getting four hugs and kisses from the C's.  I look forward to getting more from that wife of mine, lol -  birthday PODO is always the BEST.

I am already looking forward to the awesome memories I will be making next year.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jump Around

Finally had a nice enough full two day weekend.

That means no rain, no cold, sunshine, no travel, no plans, nothing to do but do it. 

Put together the trampoline. 

Now it didn't start out easy but it got easier as it went.

C3, she was my biggest helper.  She didn't even feel good but she was out there in the heat
helping me, handing me parts and pieces.  C2 actually helped me get started by helping me lay everything out and separating it.

We got most of this done Saturday and then the rain came.  The kids were ready to jump but I had to add the netting around the top.  So that was the plan for Sunday.  With the kids back out there helping me, I found the location for it. The old spot where the little kids playground was, nothing but dirt.  The hardest part was digging the holes for the legs to go into and making it level. That was a huge pain in the ass but it was needed. 

So now the kids have a clubhouse that I built and surprisingly it has stayed together and they have a brand new trampoline to jump on which has a glow in the dark disco strobe light. 

Slide for little kids to get up inside sold separately. 

\Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Visit with Nanny and PawPaw

Just a couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of having my parents stop by and visit with us over the long weekend. It is always nice when my parents can come visit us.  The kids love seeing Nanny and PawPaw.

We got together and went to eat a late dinner at what is becoming our favorite place to eat, Little Hawaiian.  Man that place is SOOOO good. LOVE IT.  The tuna is the best in town. STATE maybe. We had a nice dinner where we laughed, my mom got phone envy.  She had her new Galaxy S4 but couldn't keep her eyes off our Note2. lol.

Saturday after nearly losing my life at a CrossFit wod, we met up with Nanny and PawPaw and we headed out to see Despicable Me 2. It was funny and everything we expected in that movie.  Thanks to them for taking us and the C's really enjoyed it.

Trying to figure out what to do on Sunday since we were in our what seemed like a million days straight of rain, Mom and Dad thought of going to LegoLand Discovery Center.  PERFECT!  That is a days worth of fun and the kids love it and Nanny and PawPaw could watch the kids have a blast.  We did just that. Built cars, I got told by kids to MOVE and GET OUTTA THE WAY..Not my kids, other kids. Ahh, oh well.

Here is C3 and PawPaw riding the Lego ride in which you have to pedal to make it go in the air.  I'm not sure who was doing most of the pedaling. C3 says she was and PawPaw says he

After leaving LegoLand Discovery Center we stopped to eat what is usually our goodbye meal at Cracker Barrel.  This is when the kids fight over the golf tee game, checkers, rocking chairs and whatever else they can.  This is the place where we all laugh about how my parents probably have most of the stuff that is on the walls.  This is the place I see older photos and tease the kids by telling them its Nanny and PawPaw.  We also found out that either T and I or my parents had done something with a phantom Christmas gift.  That was the funniest part of dinner.  Trying to figure out what in the hell happened to that gift. (Well they found it in the closet. - Now just not sure if we ever wrapped it or

As we were saying goodbyes and giving hugs, we had to take some crazy face pictures.

Thanks for the fun visit. It was good to see them and have fun.  And guess what......

We will be seeing them again in a couple months. When we load the crew on a plane and head to good ol Texas. 

Get that house ready Nanny and PawPaw, the storm of C's is coming.

And to end this, Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to my Mom and Dad today.  July 17th.  Their love is strong and they take care of each other and they still do what all of us married couples do..Hug, Kiss, Make each other laugh, Get on each others nerves, She bosses him, He thinks he bosses her..


Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Am The Biggest Loser


You have been warned!

So fella's you all know that feeling you have when you are like 100% sure you are going to get some action from your wife, right?  Ladies, you all know that look your man has when he is thinking he is going to score, right?

Well Sunday afternoon we had just gotten back from the movies and I have to say that T was looking fine as hell and I was giving her a little massage and we were laying on the bed.  "That feels good" she always says when I massage her back and I usually hear "You can get some!".  That's how my ears work.

Fast forward to Sunday night.  Kids sleeping.  T is sitting with me and I am hooking her up with the massage of the year.  I mean I have magic hands.  These hands have been know to make T obey every command that I deal out.  For real.  So we are watching tv and while I massaging her, I am getting sleepy.  I am getting tired and my eyes are dropping.  T goes on over to her side of the bed and I roll over and go to sleep.

What happens next is the fucked up part. For me anyways.

So, being that I am sleeping and have no idea of what is happening, I have NO IDEA what takes place after I go to sleep.  Thankfully for my loving wife who doesn't hide anything from me...


Besides me snoring I found out that there is like a little damn party going on in my bed that I didn't know about.

There is a little game called UNO, maybe you have heard of it?!!  Well playing UNO on the Ipad has become one of T's favorite things to do when she has some "Her Time".  She hardly gets any of that time, so what's the big deal if she is up till 1 or 2 a.m. playing UNO!

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?  The big deal is that while I am sleeping and snoring, she is playing UNO and getting gifts from these people she is playing UNO with.  Yeah, she tells me this while I am driving home last night. She mentions that she got some kleenex, some flowers, a teddy bear. What the hell?  I'm laying in bed, she is getting all these little gifts from jackoff's for playing a game.  These other people are spending money to buy tokens to use to give little virtual gifts to my wife.  I really didn't care until she told me some dude gave her a 

That's right a Diamond. Some guy like playing UNO with my wife enough to give her a UNO Diamond.

And I know why.  He UNO avatar is the same as her twitter avatar.

That a damn sexy ass avatar.  Id offer her ass virtual diamonds too. lol

I got to thinking.  Yeah, I know, I do that sometimes hard to believe. 

I could have fought off the tired eyes and stayed awake and got me some...I could have used the magic massage hands to make her putty in my hands and have hours (minutes) of endless love.  We could have put on the Marvin Gaye and had some sexual healing.

But NOOOOOOOOO!  I had to get my sleep, so I could be up at 4:30 a.m. and head to the Box.  No, I needed my beauty sleep.

Then I asked myself, "Who is the biggest loser?"  Is it the people giving my wife online gifts?  Is it the dude giving my wife a cartoon picture of a diamond?  Is the woman that gave T a box of kleenex as a gift the biggest loser?


IT'S ME!  I am the biggest loser. ME!  For not staying awake and having sex with my wife. 

I am the weakest link....baaaa bye

Kiss The Baby


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