Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jump Around

Finally had a nice enough full two day weekend.

That means no rain, no cold, sunshine, no travel, no plans, nothing to do but do it. 

Put together the trampoline. 

Now it didn't start out easy but it got easier as it went.

C3, she was my biggest helper.  She didn't even feel good but she was out there in the heat
helping me, handing me parts and pieces.  C2 actually helped me get started by helping me lay everything out and separating it.

We got most of this done Saturday and then the rain came.  The kids were ready to jump but I had to add the netting around the top.  So that was the plan for Sunday.  With the kids back out there helping me, I found the location for it. The old spot where the little kids playground was, nothing but dirt.  The hardest part was digging the holes for the legs to go into and making it level. That was a huge pain in the ass but it was needed. 

So now the kids have a clubhouse that I built and surprisingly it has stayed together and they have a brand new trampoline to jump on which has a glow in the dark disco strobe light. 

Slide for little kids to get up inside sold separately. 

\Kiss The Baby



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