Monday, July 29, 2013

Turning 41

Turning 41 isn't a big deal for me. I am not one to care about my age.  I am glad that I feel like I am in good health, I am happy to have family that loves me, and I am feel so proud to have THE MOST amazing wife and the four BEST kids a guy could have.

I can remember when birthdays were all about going out and getting drunk, going to a party and doing whatever to get into some kind of trouble.  Sure that was so much fun then.  Now I look back and wish I would have done something better for myself on my birthdays.  Travel and go visit new places.  Meet more people.  Experience different things.  Think of the stories and memories I could have and share with my kids.  Am I going to tell them about that one birthday when I went out, got hammered and threw up? NO!  Why would I, that is about a stupid ass thing to do.  Hey kids, look at daddy throwing up everywhere from being a dumbass.

Turning 41 isn't about the years that are behind me and what I have or have not done with those years, its about what am I going to do with the years that are in front of me.  What will I do on my next birthday?  What kind of awesome cards will I get from the kids?  Which one of the kids will spill the beans of the special gifts that I may or may not be getting?

I look forward to getting four hugs and kisses from the C's.  I look forward to getting more from that wife of mine, lol -  birthday PODO is always the BEST.

I am already looking forward to the awesome memories I will be making next year.

Kiss The Baby



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