Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fantastic Voyage


Why do you take them?

Some people take vacations to relax.  People book trips to have fun and experience new things.  Families take a week or two to bond and recapture lost time.  And there are even people who use vacations to escape families and children or parents.

I love taking vacations.  I love taking them for the reasons of spending time with T and the C's.  Taking them on new adventures.  Going new and different places, seeing things we have not seen before.  I can't imagine taking a vacation and NOT having the kids by my side.  Boring!

Riding in the van is even an adventure.  T always drives.  I always fall asleep.  We all know kids are going to ask "Are we there yet?".  Everyone knows that we will make those stops at the bathrooms. But we always end up with a story.  Like the one time we stopped at a rest stop in FL. I think and we were attacked by a millions bugs. It was like a horror movie.

Last year when we took the kids to Texas.  The kids got to fly for the first time ever.  Even making it to the Airport in the shuttle van was fun.  C3 talked about (very loudly) how fast and crazy the driver was and how we had no seat belts. lol

Then riding the tram to the plane and actually flying on the plane.  Who knew you could make multiple trips to that tiny bathroom on the plane with EACH child.  And they loved getting the flying wings.

The Beach,  Disney,   Texas,  FL,  South Carolina,  Alabama, I mean I have done things WITH the kids that I wouldn't have done by myself or if it were just T and I.

I'm sooo looking forward to this vacation for so many reasons.

Vacations, why do you take them?

Kiss The Baby



Monday, August 26, 2013

When a 4 year old packs his own bag

Now since I have no idea of how to properly pack for a vacation I am really not involved in the process at all.  I get my clothes out (way too many for each trip) and let T pack everything.

She also packs the kids stuff.  But we have the kids help.  The kids have to help T pack their stuff.

Well it was time for C4 to help Mommy pack for an upcoming trip and while she was getting clothes ready and C4 had packed his stuff all by himself.  What a big boy.  He packed everything HE needed for his trip.  Had his suitcase all ready and everything.

So, T had called me in to show me that C4 had packed his own suitcase.  I came into his room and he unzipped his bag to show me what he had packed for himself.......

C4 had packed his suitcase with Switch-N-Go Dinos.

No clothes.

Just the Dinos.

I could see myself doing the same thing.  Hats and shoes and whatnot ...

This people is why we let T do everything!

Kiss The baby



Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Man in T's Life

T and I have been together for a long time.  We know each other so well.  But it took some time to get to that place where we could share certain things.

Back in the day, T had ONE (Hollywood) man that she "OHHHH'ed and AHHHHH'ed" over and that was the one and only


Ben was T's go to man, besides me of course. It was "Ben is hot" and "Ben is great" and I was OK with that, it didn't bother me at all. Dude is cool. Married, loves his wife, loves his kids. Just like me. 

Well, times have changed and so has the OTHER man in her life.  

This new man in T's life is big, strong, I guess he is good looking if you're into that kind of look and he has lots of movies out now.  Also married and has a kid.  Yeah yeah. Whatever.  She wants to see movies JUST because he is in them.  She gets pissed when we watch a movie and HE dies in it.  NOT KIDDING.  I think WE are all caught up on his current movies now. Even a older one that came on tv weeks ago, she made sure she watched.  T also made it a point to let me know that this guy is going to be the voice of Superman in the upcoming Lego Movie in 2014...blah blah whatever, voice of Superman...what a stretch.

Just so happens that this dude Channings all over her Tatum.

Yes and even felt the need to make a video with Jamie Foxx

So many, so so many hot and sexy (puke) photo's to choose from for Mr. Tatum, I think I will just choose these two....

Damn photoshopped shit.

And I even have better Magic Mike moves.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just a few of the minor changes in life


It is amazing how seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years just seems to pass us by like they never even have to stop at a red light or even pause at a yield sign.

I can close my eyes and get a visual of when C1 was little and we had to bounce him in the palm of our hand so he wouldn't cry.  I can still smell the diapers that I never changed.  I can still feel the scared bones in my body trying to give the kids a bath thinking I might let them fall in the water.


We have no kids in diapers.  We have kids that we are needing to discuss body hygiene with.  I am still trying to teach the kids how to pee IN the toilet.  Brushing teeth can still be a thirty minute production with a four year old.  One child can take a shower and use ALL of the hot water and still not pick up a bar of soap or wash his hair.

I want to punch myself in the face every time I get clothes out of the dryer and I see a little skirt for a 6 year old. Ohhh HELL NO.  Where have the footie pajamas gone?

Our babies with little to no hair, have grown into kids with long hair.  Our babies trying to speak full words are now telling us things we don't want to hear.  Our babies who wouldn't stay awake long enough to finish their meals are now eating all day long.

But, our babies who showed us love all the time.........

Are still showing us love.

Damn, I'm getting old

Kiss The Baby



Friday, August 16, 2013

Do you have both?

So.  A few weeks ago I happened to be going somewhere that T went just a few days prior to me going.  Address was already in the GPS that was in her van, that meant I was going to be lazy and just take hers instead of putting the address in my GPS.

That meant I had two GPS devices in my car.  TWO and the only places I go during the week are home, CrossFit Box and work.  I know how to get to all of these places.  That also meant I have had both of these in my car for weeks. I pass right by the van when I get home and park in the garage.  How hard is it or would it have been to put it on her seat?

She needed a GPS yesterday since her and the C's were going somewhere that they have never gone before.  I get a phone call from T "Do you have my GPS?"

Ummmmmm "OH SHIT, Yeah I do"

She then says "So YOU have BOTH GPS devices?"

Yep.  I sure did have both of them. Hers is the bigger one and me the smaller one.

Both of them in my car.  Neither being used.

So much fun times.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet The Real Double Bee Deal

If you know me or anything about me at all, you know I am a hardcore family man.  I have more love in my heart for T and the 4 C's than a lot of people can claim about their own heart.  I think that is why I like this guy so much.

This dude. Bobby Brooks. Family man. Husband, Father to two girls and yes CrossFitter.  Now, this blog is no longer a place for CrossFit since I have started writing for  But thinking about it, this is more of a personal success story than a Crossfit story.

Bobby resides in the Austin, Texas with his wife and daughters.  I first learned of Bobby through the World of CrossFit but then realized there was more to him when I noticed just about every picture of his was with his wife and kids.  I love that.  Happy to be a father and a husband.

There is a great touching story about Bobby and his reasoning for getting into health and fitness.  Bobby's Empowerment Story is where you can watch and learn about how his mom would try various diets and sadly ended up passing at the young age of 53 years old.  That is nuts. Man, shit I am 41 years old myself. At that point Bobby made a life changing decision and that decision turned him into a stud.  A proud member of the CrossFit Family and Community but what is more important is that he will be sticking around with his wife and daughters for many more years to come.

On Bobby's on site you can read up on anything from his Paleo diet lifestyle, his family and of course CrossFit where he hits it up at CrossFit Central. I really enjoy talking with this dude on twitter (@RealDoubleBee), he is always hitting me up with common sense knowledge and we share laughs on just about everything. I even got a tip that I shared with T about the sight word cards being taped up around the house from the DoubleB.  Yes I was stalking his pictures and mentioned and showed T.

This is just one of the great family shots he has with his lovely wife and two daughters. I pity that poor man. Two girls. God, I have hard enough time with one. lol  You will always see him with a flat bill cap and maybe even some crazy glasses just like his girls have on above. 

Thanks to Bobby for being a great example of a son, husband and father.  It's been a pleasure getting to know this dude. You should do the same.

Kiss The Baby



Letting Him Drive.

Being a parent is hard work. Anyone that is a parent knows this.  As parents we are always learning lessons from our kids at the same time that we try and teach them.

Each of our C's are different. All have their own great quality and personality.  All have strengths and weaknesses, just like me.  I have one son that I am extremely hard on.  I am harder on him than any of the other kids and not for the reasons that you might think.

He doesn't care about CrossFit.  He doesn't care about the Falcons.  He could care less about Kobe and my Lakers or the Rockets.  What he does care about are the simple things a kid should care about at his age.  Playing, having fun, being creative and learning.  He is a good older brother for the most part. Just like most kids with brothers or sisters they all have their moments but he is good to his siblings.

My issue and yes this is a ME thing, is that I put too much on him.  I expect too much out of him.  He is very smart.  He is excelling in his academics and that is because he loves to learn.  I don't forget that he is my kid, I simply forget that he is a kid.  I expect so much out of him because he is so smart.  I expect so much out of him because of this fact......

Maybe I don't want to seem like a failure as a father.  Maybe it is my own short comings that lead me to push him harder than the others.  Maybe since I feel like a failure in some aspects of my own personal life I put that extra pressure on him to do better now so that he will be better in the future.  This is a loving boy.  He so often tells his mother that she is beautiful and that he loves spending time with her and that he would rather her stay home with him than me and that breaks my heart.  I am failing him.  Maybe if I would let him be him NOW and not worry so far into the future everything would be ok.

Maybe I should spend less time trying to make him a better person and work more on myself.  Maybe I should sit back and let him grown on his own and instead of forcing him down a road of being perfect, I could just let him know that there will be roadblocks ahead in life and tell him to keep his eyes open.

He can't drive yet, but he can steer his mind down the roads of life and I just need to give him the keys and be there to help with the oil changes and tune ups of his mind.

So it really is a ME problem.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Don't Be An Asshole

Having kids can be the most insane experience in the World.  It all changes on a daily basis and you never know what is going to happen with them.

One kids favorite thing to say is "Just a second".  That shit pisses me off for some reason.  Not to the point of getting mad, just makes me want to punch myself in the face.

Another son likes to be a smart ass and hasn't really figured out when is the best time to break out the sarcasm.  That reminds me of ME!  All I can do is shake my head at that and walk away.

Oh the daughter.  The drama. One minute she is not leaving my side, the next this six year old is stomping off, rolling her eyes and smoking out of her ears. All directed at me. Sweeeeet!

A Rhino like four year old son, who for the LOVE OF GOD won't let me brush his teeth.  No matter what game I play, how fun I make it, it's "Mommy brushes my teeth"!!  OK OK. Damn!

Sometimes they fight.  They all fight. With each other.  Over simple shit. Well it seems so simple to me. Fighting over Lego's??  We have millions laying around the floor.  Calling "dibs" on locations of the floor to lay on, I mean what in the hell. We have a couch and a nice double recliner. Sure but take the floor and fight.

They kids are loud.  Early in the morning. Before coffee.

All of the craziness means nothing and becomes so trivial to me as I walk around the house before I go to sleep. Or at 4:30 am before leaving for the BOX.  As I get home a little after 6 am and they are looking so peaceful in their beds.  These moments are when I remind myself that being an asshole is a waste of time.  A waste of fun, awesome moments that are to be shared with T and the 4 C's.  Make the most of those moments.

Sure the saying "They Grow So Fast" and "They are only little once" are so over used, but it's true.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, August 5, 2013

Let The Games Begin

I think I may have found a sport that T and I can play together.

We were outside this weekend and decided to break out the tennis racquet's in the front yard and get busy.  Let me make it clear though, we were not using tennis balls, we were using birdies.

We were so hard core, that we couldn't just use the plastic racquet's, we had to actually get down to business and use the nice tennis racquet's.

The kids wanted in on it too. That really ruined our game.  T and I were having some awesome battles.  Great hits, beautiful saves, and shots that would make you say "Ohhhh" and "Ahhhhh"

I thought we were just outside having a friendly game and playing around until I started getting blasted with "Hit it Higher" and "Hit it to Me".  Yeah my sweet wife was now a hardcore front yard Badminton player.

This may or may not be footage of our Saturday and Sunday Instant Classic.

Kiss The Baby


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