Friday, August 16, 2013

Do you have both?

So.  A few weeks ago I happened to be going somewhere that T went just a few days prior to me going.  Address was already in the GPS that was in her van, that meant I was going to be lazy and just take hers instead of putting the address in my GPS.

That meant I had two GPS devices in my car.  TWO and the only places I go during the week are home, CrossFit Box and work.  I know how to get to all of these places.  That also meant I have had both of these in my car for weeks. I pass right by the van when I get home and park in the garage.  How hard is it or would it have been to put it on her seat?

She needed a GPS yesterday since her and the C's were going somewhere that they have never gone before.  I get a phone call from T "Do you have my GPS?"

Ummmmmm "OH SHIT, Yeah I do"

She then says "So YOU have BOTH GPS devices?"

Yep.  I sure did have both of them. Hers is the bigger one and me the smaller one.

Both of them in my car.  Neither being used.

So much fun times.

Kiss The Baby



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