Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Don't Be An Asshole

Having kids can be the most insane experience in the World.  It all changes on a daily basis and you never know what is going to happen with them.

One kids favorite thing to say is "Just a second".  That shit pisses me off for some reason.  Not to the point of getting mad, just makes me want to punch myself in the face.

Another son likes to be a smart ass and hasn't really figured out when is the best time to break out the sarcasm.  That reminds me of ME!  All I can do is shake my head at that and walk away.

Oh the daughter.  The drama. One minute she is not leaving my side, the next this six year old is stomping off, rolling her eyes and smoking out of her ears. All directed at me. Sweeeeet!

A Rhino like four year old son, who for the LOVE OF GOD won't let me brush his teeth.  No matter what game I play, how fun I make it, it's "Mommy brushes my teeth"!!  OK OK. Damn!

Sometimes they fight.  They all fight. With each other.  Over simple shit. Well it seems so simple to me. Fighting over Lego's??  We have millions laying around the floor.  Calling "dibs" on locations of the floor to lay on, I mean what in the hell. We have a couch and a nice double recliner. Sure but take the floor and fight.

They kids are loud.  Early in the morning. Before coffee.

All of the craziness means nothing and becomes so trivial to me as I walk around the house before I go to sleep. Or at 4:30 am before leaving for the BOX.  As I get home a little after 6 am and they are looking so peaceful in their beds.  These moments are when I remind myself that being an asshole is a waste of time.  A waste of fun, awesome moments that are to be shared with T and the 4 C's.  Make the most of those moments.

Sure the saying "They Grow So Fast" and "They are only little once" are so over used, but it's true.

Kiss The Baby



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