Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fantastic Voyage


Why do you take them?

Some people take vacations to relax.  People book trips to have fun and experience new things.  Families take a week or two to bond and recapture lost time.  And there are even people who use vacations to escape families and children or parents.

I love taking vacations.  I love taking them for the reasons of spending time with T and the C's.  Taking them on new adventures.  Going new and different places, seeing things we have not seen before.  I can't imagine taking a vacation and NOT having the kids by my side.  Boring!

Riding in the van is even an adventure.  T always drives.  I always fall asleep.  We all know kids are going to ask "Are we there yet?".  Everyone knows that we will make those stops at the bathrooms. But we always end up with a story.  Like the one time we stopped at a rest stop in FL. I think and we were attacked by a millions bugs. It was like a horror movie.

Last year when we took the kids to Texas.  The kids got to fly for the first time ever.  Even making it to the Airport in the shuttle van was fun.  C3 talked about (very loudly) how fast and crazy the driver was and how we had no seat belts. lol

Then riding the tram to the plane and actually flying on the plane.  Who knew you could make multiple trips to that tiny bathroom on the plane with EACH child.  And they loved getting the flying wings.

The Beach,  Disney,   Texas,  FL,  South Carolina,  Alabama, I mean I have done things WITH the kids that I wouldn't have done by myself or if it were just T and I.

I'm sooo looking forward to this vacation for so many reasons.

Vacations, why do you take them?

Kiss The Baby



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