Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just a few of the minor changes in life


It is amazing how seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years just seems to pass us by like they never even have to stop at a red light or even pause at a yield sign.

I can close my eyes and get a visual of when C1 was little and we had to bounce him in the palm of our hand so he wouldn't cry.  I can still smell the diapers that I never changed.  I can still feel the scared bones in my body trying to give the kids a bath thinking I might let them fall in the water.


We have no kids in diapers.  We have kids that we are needing to discuss body hygiene with.  I am still trying to teach the kids how to pee IN the toilet.  Brushing teeth can still be a thirty minute production with a four year old.  One child can take a shower and use ALL of the hot water and still not pick up a bar of soap or wash his hair.

I want to punch myself in the face every time I get clothes out of the dryer and I see a little skirt for a 6 year old. Ohhh HELL NO.  Where have the footie pajamas gone?

Our babies with little to no hair, have grown into kids with long hair.  Our babies trying to speak full words are now telling us things we don't want to hear.  Our babies who wouldn't stay awake long enough to finish their meals are now eating all day long.

But, our babies who showed us love all the time.........

Are still showing us love.

Damn, I'm getting old

Kiss The Baby



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