Monday, August 5, 2013

Let The Games Begin

I think I may have found a sport that T and I can play together.

We were outside this weekend and decided to break out the tennis racquet's in the front yard and get busy.  Let me make it clear though, we were not using tennis balls, we were using birdies.

We were so hard core, that we couldn't just use the plastic racquet's, we had to actually get down to business and use the nice tennis racquet's.

The kids wanted in on it too. That really ruined our game.  T and I were having some awesome battles.  Great hits, beautiful saves, and shots that would make you say "Ohhhh" and "Ahhhhh"

I thought we were just outside having a friendly game and playing around until I started getting blasted with "Hit it Higher" and "Hit it to Me".  Yeah my sweet wife was now a hardcore front yard Badminton player.

This may or may not be footage of our Saturday and Sunday Instant Classic.

Kiss The Baby



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