Monday, August 12, 2013

Letting Him Drive.

Being a parent is hard work. Anyone that is a parent knows this.  As parents we are always learning lessons from our kids at the same time that we try and teach them.

Each of our C's are different. All have their own great quality and personality.  All have strengths and weaknesses, just like me.  I have one son that I am extremely hard on.  I am harder on him than any of the other kids and not for the reasons that you might think.

He doesn't care about CrossFit.  He doesn't care about the Falcons.  He could care less about Kobe and my Lakers or the Rockets.  What he does care about are the simple things a kid should care about at his age.  Playing, having fun, being creative and learning.  He is a good older brother for the most part. Just like most kids with brothers or sisters they all have their moments but he is good to his siblings.

My issue and yes this is a ME thing, is that I put too much on him.  I expect too much out of him.  He is very smart.  He is excelling in his academics and that is because he loves to learn.  I don't forget that he is my kid, I simply forget that he is a kid.  I expect so much out of him because he is so smart.  I expect so much out of him because of this fact......

Maybe I don't want to seem like a failure as a father.  Maybe it is my own short comings that lead me to push him harder than the others.  Maybe since I feel like a failure in some aspects of my own personal life I put that extra pressure on him to do better now so that he will be better in the future.  This is a loving boy.  He so often tells his mother that she is beautiful and that he loves spending time with her and that he would rather her stay home with him than me and that breaks my heart.  I am failing him.  Maybe if I would let him be him NOW and not worry so far into the future everything would be ok.

Maybe I should spend less time trying to make him a better person and work more on myself.  Maybe I should sit back and let him grown on his own and instead of forcing him down a road of being perfect, I could just let him know that there will be roadblocks ahead in life and tell him to keep his eyes open.

He can't drive yet, but he can steer his mind down the roads of life and I just need to give him the keys and be there to help with the oil changes and tune ups of his mind.

So it really is a ME problem.

Kiss The Baby



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