Monday, August 26, 2013

When a 4 year old packs his own bag

Now since I have no idea of how to properly pack for a vacation I am really not involved in the process at all.  I get my clothes out (way too many for each trip) and let T pack everything.

She also packs the kids stuff.  But we have the kids help.  The kids have to help T pack their stuff.

Well it was time for C4 to help Mommy pack for an upcoming trip and while she was getting clothes ready and C4 had packed his stuff all by himself.  What a big boy.  He packed everything HE needed for his trip.  Had his suitcase all ready and everything.

So, T had called me in to show me that C4 had packed his own suitcase.  I came into his room and he unzipped his bag to show me what he had packed for himself.......

C4 had packed his suitcase with Switch-N-Go Dinos.

No clothes.

Just the Dinos.

I could see myself doing the same thing.  Hats and shoes and whatnot ...

This people is why we let T do everything!

Kiss The baby



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