Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Monday Morning Rant

It's Monday we have that at least.

Well it has been a long time since I have done a blog post rant about me being better than everyone else in life.

Im kidding of course.


I have not had one of those rants where I just complain about shit and let it all out and parenting stuff and just all kinds of things have built up inside and today is a great day to let it all out.

Where to start?

Ok, lets go back a few weeks on this Miley Cyrus MTV award show dirty dancing and these people saying how they are going to raise their kids better than that and not to act like her and so on....OK ASSHOLES, You are supposed to raise your kids right no matter who or what someone else does.  She danced like a stripper, so do a lot of other 18+ year olds. Miley got what she wanted. Attention for her new album.  All these people need to stop "She is desperate", "She needs mental help" Blaah.  Shut your holes.  She is banking for looking and dancing dirty and crazy and sexual for 15 minutes during an awards show that was on CABLE TV after 9PM.  Not even Network Tv.  I don't like the songs but who cares, Miley is winning the battle of $$ right now and she doesn't care about our opinions.  So MOM's and DAD's that write post's about "My Daughter Will Never Twerk like Miley"......yeah.

Last week Jaden Smith (Will Smiths son) tweeted a few things that people seemed to cry about. You can read the comments and tweets here -->  Jaden Smith.  Now, what blows my mind is that people AGAIN are using too much time to complain about what he said. Honestly, I'm happy he has his own opinions and can say what he feels.  Oh but wait, lets have everyone be the same and say the same thing. That works all the time.

I'm sure a lot of it is editing.  I'm sure that they want to focus on the dads and not really the moms, probably the reason they call the show "Modern Dads" but shit why is it the moms are made to look like they don't do a damn thing at the house or with the kids?  I'm sure us dads don't do a lot of shit either for the moms who stay at home but come on.  They showed one of the dads who had to clean his house before he could have a guys night.  The place was a wreck. Why doesn't the wife help clean?  I know its all editing or whatever but this show makes the dads look funny and like we do it all and I don't think that's the case.  Still a funny F-ING show though.

OK. Next, I love CrossFit.  I really do. It is so much better than going to a regular "Globo" gym and standing in front of a mirror, but some people have to realize....IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO DO IT.  And I'm fine with that.  T, she doesn't give two shits about CrossFit.  She does love me and listens to what I talk about but she in all honesty does not care.  I'm fine with that. We can have separate likes and dislikes.  Some people need to stop pushing CrossFit on everyone else. Like me for example, I ask Bert from The Bert Show almost daily is he is going to try it.  And he pretty much tells me to "F - OFF" and "NO".  I think he would love it, but that asshole seems to be doing ok for himself. Kidding Bert, you know I'm jealous of your big strong tan smooth arms. WOW. That sounded bad.   If I'm asked, I talk about it.  If someone sounds like they need a new format for exercise, I will provide it.

Mr. Jason Bailey. This damn dude.  He is another guy that is on the radio that I choose to call my friend.  Well, he isn't aware of this yet but F - IT! I can stalk whoever the hell I want.  I have hired him as my personal Fantasy Football Guru and MY TEAM SUCKS FAT NASTY BALLS. Not his fault though.  I mean I can't ask him to fully invest his time into running my team since he has a fiance, kids and all this other shit going on like a radio show and what not.  Not to mention he is quickly becoming the most liked "Smart Ass" in all of Atlanta while being on TheMorningShow for 929 The Game.

So, C1 is one child I usually never mess with.  I hardly ever get wild and wrestle with him, but Saturday we got into it. I decided Saturday evening that I was going to show him who was boss.  I was going to put "Pain and More Pain" up on his little 10 yo ass. And then it happened. It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt, is on the verge of tears and blood is flowing from a nose. YES MY DAMN NOSE. C1 sent his boney ass little knee up my nose and it was busted and blood was flowing.  I was done at that point. He won the battle but not the war.

Well I guess that is it for NOW.  That was tame.  I thought I would be much worse.

Im sure I can come up with more shit later.

Kiss The Baby



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