Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas Vacation - Day to just chill

Arriving in Texas late at night means its later where you actually came from in our case.

After maybe an hour drive out to my parents house and some late night exploring by the kids in the house to see what new things they could find, we all got some rest.

The day after we land is usually food shopping and supply shopping day for T and my dad.  That means chill out at the house for the rest.  Chilling out at the house is defined by either coloring rocks and wood outside, walking the mega acres of land and spotting deer or jackrabbits and then playing in the pool.

C2 loved talking trash. Had to toss him 

C3, the crazy one had to be throw and jump
off whatever she could...including my shoulders

C4 loved me playing with him and doing what he told me to do

I too had to show my ups

And act a fool and sing

C1, well he usually loved attacking me and then
hiding in the splashes

Friday night T, the kids and I tagged along and went to play Bingo with my parents and my Aunt and Uncle.  WOW.  These people get crazy over the Bingo.  Massive cards, people yelling all kinds of shit, people fighting for the rights of tables. This was not your average Bingo Night.  T actually won the very first game which gives you the honor of being called the Queen and she got to wear a Crown too.  She actually won two games. 

The shit you hear at Bingo - Lady calling numbers "I Have Balls in MY Hand" 

So after a relaxing Friday at the house and a night of Bingo, it was time to turn in..Sea World was on Saturday and we needed our rest. 

Kiss The Baby



Tracy October 1, 2013 at 2:23 PM   Reply to

The comment was, "I have too many balls in my hand" :)

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