Monday, September 16, 2013

Texas Vacation. Out of this Sea World

Saturday was Sea World.

Now we have done Sea World before with the kids last time we went to visit, but didn't get a chance to do the water area so we made sure that we packed the suits for that.

Nothing better than doing Sea World in the triple digits.  Sarcasm. lol. Well, it was fun and I didn't care that it was hot.  Kids didn't care that it was hot.  Nanny and PawPaw, they are used to the heat so I'm sure they didn't mind either.

Looking back, we missed the ONE thing that T wanted to do and that was feed the Dolphins.  She is the Dolphin whisperer. Now she has taken her love of Dolphins to a new high. "Next time I want to swim with them" she said. WHHHAAAAAAAAT?

Things that were good and sucked at the same time.  C3 asked me to ride something with her. Can't tell her no and this ride went around in circles.  AFTER WE JUST ATE.  That sucked.  Riding the crazy spinning boat with my daredevil daughter was the good part.

C1 getting stung by a bee, that sucked.  C1 flying through the obstacle course = Good.

C2 riding the same crazy spinning boat ride was good, him telling his brother C1 to keep up in the parking lot was even better. That was funny.

C3 and C4 are the extreme ride seekers. The 4 and 6 year old kids want to ride everything. Over and Over.
The shows are always fun to see.  Its nice to see the people interact with the animals.

And what is a trip to a park like Sea World without winning some stuffed animals..

The kids each won some ducks, like that wasn't going to happen. Pond was stocked with rubber duckies.  And then I won my mom a large Octopus. That was funny.  I got 5 basketballs and had to sink more than one for the prize.  Made the first one, missed and then got robbed of a ball but the dude said "You hit 3 shots right?"  Yeah bro, I did. Gimme that stuffed thang right there. lol

Sea World must not like having stuffed animals in the park, they were giving those away. lol

I hung out with C4 on the obstacle course and the biggest trash talker other than me
had to make some crazy scenes. 

C3 and C4.  They have never met a ride they didn't like. 
Sister and Brother are going to cause havoc. 

Sea World was fun as usual.

Thanks for a fun time.

Kiss The Baby



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