Thursday, September 19, 2013

Texas Vacation - Water Water Everywhere.

Last time we talked, I was telling you about our Sea World trip and you all were jealous and begging for us to invite you. I know I know, settle down.

Sunday came and that was the day that some of my family was coming over.  A lil pool party.

The kids were excited for a pool party.  My cousin Jennifer and her kids came over and my C's and her kids all play well together.  We had ball fights, water fights, abused each other for a bit and then had burgers, pizza and cake.

It was a fun day to just chill at the house, swim and then close the night by watching a kids movie on the outside tv by the pool.  Although we were wondering if some deer, maybe a skunk or something else was going to sneak up and attack us.

Monday was the day we were getting up KIND OF early so we could drive an hour or so and hit Schlitterbahn.  Man, I hadn't been to that place in like a hundred years and I just knew the kids would love it.   They were ready. I was ready.

First C1, C3 and I started off with a tube slide.  It was fun and I am glad that most of the slides didn't have long lines. C2 wanted to go off on his own, so he did.  He went on a cool slide too.  When we finally met back up all of us had to compare rides.   C4 had fun playing the little kids area and hanging out with Nanny and PawPaw in the little Lake area.

This place was full of fun. Check out some of the rides we hammered out. This was an all day affair, full of water, shade, rides, tubes and we even almost lost my mom a few times as the hills were hard on the wheelchair. Now when I say LOST, I mean she was on her own personal roller coaster.  But she made and can tell the tales.

What is so funny to me is that C3 is the daredevil. This girl does more crazy shit than anyone.  She had her favorite slides.  C1 had his and we rode C3's favorite like two or three times before we left.  That place is so big it has to be split into two and they are like blocks apart to where you have to take a bus.  If you ever get a chance..YOU MUST GO HERE!

That's all.

For Now.

Kiss The Baby



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