Thursday, September 26, 2013

That One Time When My Kid Mocked Me.....ONE TIME


You know that look that comes over your face when something happens so out of the blue?  That look of HOLY SHEET DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!?!?  Well the other morning, you could have seen that look on my face if you had

A. Been in my kitchen at 8am (That would be weird, but kinda cool)
B. A photo to look at
C. Standing on my back deck looking in our windows (That is creepy)

Take my word for it, trust me, I had that look.

Now I have not written about CrossFit on this blog because I had gotten away from family stuff on here, but this has to do with both and it is funny in my opinion and really that is all that matters.

Lets revisit Tuesday morning at CrossFit Boiler Room and a little workout called Karen.  Karen, now that name sounds so soft and sweet and caring. Right?

BULLSHEEEET!  Karen is rude, mean, tough and she makes you want to throw up and leaves you not able to walk or get up from the toilet the next day.  I don't like Karen, but I love CrossFit. So Karen, I will tolerate you and work on destroying your ass.

Here is a sampling of what Karen is done by Proving Grounds BlackList Team Member Armand Lotman. Now I didn't have to go all hardcore and do the Double Unders, just the 150 Wall Balls for time. 12 minute time cap.

So me being the self proclaimed CrossFit badass (Complete Lie) didn't complete the workout in time.  When the 12 minutes came, I was at 124 Wall Balls. That sucks. That blows. I was the only one in our 5am class that didn't finish. I was a gumby legged pissed off fool.

Fast forward to around that 8am time and I was in the kitchen with T and C2 was at the table eating breakfast. Now T doesn't care about CrossFit, but she loves me and pretends to listen and so do the kids. (That is some true love)  I was telling her about Karen and how she kicked my ass. I then said "I was the ONLY person in class that didn't finish the workout in time"

Then from the table C2 (who happens to talk a lot of trash) said aloud in that smartass kind of tone

"What's the matter, Daddy gonna cry like a baby" 

WTF did you just say to me?  If I wasn't so busy laughing and standing stunned at what he said, I would have had him doing 100 burpees right after breakfast.

Laughed at and mocked by my own 8 year old. 

Gotta love him though, he gets it from me. And if you can't let your kids laugh at you and make fun of you sometimes, well you just are not having fun.

stupid ass Karen and your 150 Wall Balls.

Kiss The Baby



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